Monday, 1 January 2018

End of the year 2017.

It could have been worse but it wasn't great. A few good things happened. I have a new girlfriend (my best friends sister) and my three boys survived, barely. Work is still a stress and I flooded my work cars engine going through a ford with a student, stupidly designed Minis. Looking to move house soon and may possibly be planning a new addition to the family.....

From a hobby perspective though it's been a crazy year.

Firstly (not chronologically) Spartan Games went under and one of my favorite games looked like it was down the pan. But good news everybody, someone has taken up the mantle and looks to be pumping a lot of energy in to keeping it true to the original and expanding the range and game starting with a fresh 3rd Edition rule book right off the bat. Even if I don't like the new rules I can use the models to play 2.5, win win.

I've bowed out of X-wing as I wasn't playing it much and when I did I wasn't enjoying it a great deal.

Games Workshop have been churning out new content like they are high or something. Loads of new board games and a new edition for 40k. New specialist games, I've just started building my Necromunda gangs.
I have been building and painting Primaris Marines for my son. He's only 6 but has shown he can grasp the basics and is good with maths so it's a good development for him to be in to something that's been a big part of my life for over 20 years.
I've painted more this year than I have for a long time and I should be cranking out a lot more next in 2018 too.

I've acquired a lot of board games too in recent months and my girlfriend is quite good at most of them. It's something else my boys are playing more too as competition and knowing how to win and lose is important, might as well start young.

The TOFG has been postponed but I am still hoping to get my Death Guard built and painted in the next 6 months to allow starting a different 40k project. Will probably be Thousand Sons if they are out by then, if not a surge in Daemons.

Hope 2018 is kinder to us all than last year.

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