Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Return of the Tale of Four Gamers.

This time around sees a return of the original 4 gamers. I will be doing Death Guard as allies to my Black Legion so I have a different colour to paint.

I am building it around the 4th Plague Company led by the Daemon Prince known as The Eater of Lives, I think he may be linked to a character from the HH novels. They have a preference for Sorcerers and summoning which fits nicely in to my play style and makes them unique among their brethren as its well known that Mortarion despises psykers (despite being one now). My colour scheme will be based on the Apostles of Contagion as it seems quite simple. Its a rusted steel main colour with a muted green trim which leaves plenty of room for some dirt and grime. The models bases will be done to match my existing Chaos so they are all unified. I have quite a few Nurgle Daemons already painted so this will give me options for summoning at a later date.

This is my planned list. The points are not exactly 500 per block but with the new pointing system and my budget its going to have to do. I am still doing 2000pts but this is the closest I can get to even blocks.

1st month - 526pts

Daemon Prince: 183pts
The Eater of Lives -
Wargear - Wings, Helforged Sword and Warp Bolter.
Warlord Trait - Revoltingly Resilient: Add +1 to any Disgustingly Resilient rolls as long as it is not from a Mortal Wound.
Relic of Decay - The Suppurating Plate: Gives a save of 2+. In addition any successful saves made in the Fight Phase are rebounded to the unit that inflicted the wound as a mortal wound on a 4+.
Psychic Powers - Smite, Miasma of Pestilence and Plague Wind.

Rhino: 92pts
The Slug Runner armed with a Havoc Launcher and Combi-Flamer.

10 Plague Marines - The Slugs of Entropy: 252pts
Champion: The Slugmaster armed with a Powerfist, Bolt Pistol and Plaguesword.
Plague Marines: 9 Bubotic Axes, 2 Maces of Contagion and a Icon of Despair.
Mounted in the Slug Runner.

2nd Month - 512pts

7 Plague Marines - The Laughing Maggots: 180pts
Champion: The Puswielder armed with a Power Fist, Plasma Gun and Plague Knife.
Plague Marines: 2 Plasma Guns and an Icon of Despair.

7 Plague Marines - The Putrid Sons: 174pts
Champion: Rotworm the Mad armed with a Power Fist, Plasma Gun and Plague Knife.
Plague Marines: 2 Blight Launchers and an Icon of Despair.

Foetid Bloat Drone - 158
The Poisoned Fly armed with 2 Plaguespitters and a Plague Probe.

3rd Month - 536

Malignant Plaguecaster - 110pts
The Rotten Monk armed with a Corrupted Staff and Bolt Pistol.
Psychic Powers - Dependent on the opponent.

Malignant Plaguecaster - 110pts
The Pustulant Prince armed with a Corrupted Staff and Bolt Pistol.
Psychic Powers - Dependent on the opponent.

Foetid Bloat Drone - 158pts
Droning Death armed with 2 Plaguespitters and a Plague Probe.

Foetid Bloat Drone - 158pts
Wings of Decay armed with 2 Plaguespitters and a Plague Probe.

4th Month - 426pts 

Myphtic Blight-Haulers - 426pts
The Contagious Crawlers all armed with a Bilespurt, Missile Launcher and Multi-Melta.

Total: 2000

Depending on how strict the organiser is I may have to paint an additional model to top up the last months but the Chapter Approved update really screwed my main plans. But it still totals 2000.

Once complete the Daemon Prince and the Bloat Drones will form an Outrider Detachment and the rest will form a Battalion Detachment giving me a total of 7 Command Points. I don't mind my Warlord being on the front line as he should, in theory be a pain in the ass to kill with his wargear and the Death Guard natural resilience.


  1. The organiser will see how the other guys feel and how the tale is running... he may let you off, or may insist that, given you will have the lowest model count for painting YET AGAIN, one more character won't kill you... :P

    1. It would have been less if I had taken Morty but as the force is based around Psykers and he's not a fan it didn't make sense. Plus I am trying to keep it to DG only units which limits my options in Heavy Support and Fast Attack. I would prefer more infantry but my hands are tied, by tentacles