Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Review: Transport - Chaos Rhino

The humble Rhino.....Once known as the "first blood", the "death box" the "why the fuck are you using a Rhino??".

Not anymore. I love the new rules for vehicles and for transports especially. They may have doubled in points but they are also quite often one of the last models I have left on the board, a major pain in the ass for the enemy and a great L.O.S blocker in an edition where that makes a huge difference.

They are way more durable than they were before and quite nippy too. The ability to advance and still pop smokes is great for a first turn objective rush and they are more than capable of delivering their cargo where it is needed without some concentrated effort from the enemy. I would highly recommend them again for combat Chosen or Marines. They are obviously helpful for redeploying your firebase too.

I run mine at 72pts with just a combi bolter as they have a job to do and investing in more expensive weapons seems a waste. They are still a prime target but by no means are they durable enough to operate as a main battle tank, even with full load out.

I currently only 2 but as my Legion grows I will be adding one to every unit that needs it, or maybe just every Marine and Chosen unit.


  1. I do love the 8th Ed. Rhino. I haven't really had a chance to use mine yet, but I have 2 for my Tactical squads. So much more survivable now.

  2. The increase in durability is definitely worth the additional points costs. They fit their role much better in the new addition. In the stories they plow through walls of fire and deliver their cargo and still manage to limp away. In 7th edition they were first shot, first kill targets even with the better cover save system. Drop pods are still useful for nabbing far off objectives but the Rhino is reusable and can hamper your enemies progress too.