Tuesday, 22 August 2017

My 2k list for tonight's game vs Ginges Deathwatch. Simple but effective. I haven't used the Forgefiends to much effect yet so I'm giving them another run out as I have 3 with Ectoplasma Cannons (they were great last edition). Abaddon is leading my army of course. He adds too much to leave him at home. A battalion with a Sorcerer and 3 squads of Chaos Marines make up the bulk. 2 squads have 2 plasma guns and a Champion with a power sword. The 3rd squad has 2 flamers, mark of Khorne. Champion with power axe and are mounted in a Rhino. My 7 Chaos Terminators have a mix of combi bolter and flamers, heavy flamer, power axes and 2 power fists. The Chaos Lord leads a Heavy Detachment with the 2 Forgefiends and a Havoc squad with 4 lascannon. This gives me 9 Command Points in total and the Lord will let my fire base reroll 1s to hit and jump in to a fight should the enemy get close. Hopefully they'll bring down Ginges 2 flyers or overkill his infantry to table him if he's just left with flyers. Abaddon, the Sorcerer and Terminators will teleport in where I need them most and the Sorcerer will hopefully move them in to flamer and charge range the turn they arrive with psychic goodness. I'm hoping my experience using smaller elite armies will see me through the game as I've no idea what Deathwatch bring to the table as I've never fought them. (On a side note I'm pleased only my Havoc squad are unpainted but they are in process).


  1. Nice list. What do the ectoplasma cannons do?

    I can vouch for a lascannon squad. If you can keep them in the fight, they'll get quite the tally. In one game, my squad killed 2 leman russ tanks and a chimera. Good tradeoff.

    Let us know how Abaddon gets on. One word of advice - be wary of deathwatch shotguns. I dunno if Ginge uses them, but they are a lot better than Astartes shotguns.

    1. I have some deathwatch shotguns on my backup/expansion forces, but my base list lacks them. They were for squads 5 and 6 till I realised just how bloody expensive deathwatch are and I'd overspent my 2k budget on squads 1-4 and two flyers and had to drop some wargeat to get my hq in :P

    2. Damn that's a shame. They're surprisingly effective weapons when you start to get close to the enemy.

    3. Abaddon did his usual wipe a squad then get shot to crap then finished off in combat. But he has a big intimidation factor and force multiplier with the rerolls for nearby squads and the immune to morale for nearby units.

      The Lascannon squad make a big dent in Ginges force on turn 1 and then helped bring down one of the flyers before the other turned on them. A cheap Chaos Lord nearby allowed them to reroll 1s and was there to back them up if Ginge got close.

      The Ectoplasma Cannons performed really well this game but I think they suffer now they have been reduced to S7 and no chance to overcharge. They do d3 shots and d3 wounds each and all my Forgefiends have 3 but they hit on 4+ which is ridiculous with the random shot element too. They both survived though and were key in my victory in the end as they marched up the board almost unmolested because Ginge had deepstrike units to deal with and my squad in the Rhino deploying right in his face.

      It was a hard fight all the way but stealing the initiative and being able to bring so many CPs to bear helped a lot.