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Back to the Badlands third game.

So this one didn't go so well, the problem with theming armies is less scrupulous players will use that against you can plan for it. I will have my revenge though. (I take part blame in my loss due to my awesome but tactically ridiculous set up). You can just see opposite my Stegadons the unit that cause me the most grief, it was 20 Corsairs pushing a Cauldron of Blood with a Hag on top and a Lord on foot. The Hag had the Obsidian Blade and the Lord had an Ogre Blade and the Black Pendant. These 2 alone chopped up all 3 Stegadons and my Old Blood.


So we had Dawn Attack and Jason got to go first.

Turn 1.
Jason moved a few units forward. His Corsair unit moved about 6" forward and his 10 Cold Ones moved towards the swamp but angled towards my monsters. He moved his 2 Crossbowmen units forward each having a mage in, one level 2 and one level 3. A unit of 5 Dark Riders swung around the Arcane Ruins to my left.
Magic and he dropped the BS of my BSB's Stegadon by 2 and was the only spell he cast.
Shooting and he managed a few hits on my Saurus and felled one. Then with a stupid amount of 6's rolled he managed to take a few wounds off my middle Stegadon. The Dark Riders killed a few Skinks but not enough for panic test.
No combat so on to me.

I moved the whole army forward. I made sure my Stegs were all about 17" from his army to make sure I had a turn (well hoped) to soften up his units with some blowpipes. My Carno moved so he could charge the knights if they failed to charge me. I moved my Skink Priest to the Arcane Ruins for some extra dice action in the magic phase.
Magic and my Skink cast Curse of Anraheir on his Corsairs which he promptly dispelled but left me free to cast my Bastiladons bound spell of lasery death on them. I rolled a 6 for the effect to get 2d6 S6 hits, rolled 12 hits, caused 11 wounds, Jason passed 7 saves, crap.
Shooting and I peppered some shots from my Stegs at his Crossbowmen and killed a few but nothing major. My unit of Skinks with the Priest killed all but 1 of the Dark Riders.
No combat so turn 2 (where it all goes wrong)

Turn 2.
This is where things changed. So Jason made a jammy charge of 17" with his Corsairs and Cauldron unit and hit 2 of my Stegs one of which was my BSB. A stroke of fortune was his Cold Ones failing a LD 10 reroll for stupidity and wandering into the swamp and losing one of their number. He charged his Dark Rider champion in to my Skinks with the Priest. He moved the Crossbowmen a bit closer now his army was blocking some of his shooting lines.
Magic phase and he rolled low again so didn't manage to cast much I think he tried to cast a magic missile at my Skink unit but I dispel this with ease.
Shooting phase and he managed to down a couple of my Saurus again and tried to wound my Steg that wasn't in combat but failed.
Combat and his Hag smacked the crap out of my Skink BSB without breaking a sweat. The impact hits from the Cauldron took 3 wounds off the Steg and the Lord with S6 reroll to his and to wound took the last wounds off him. Luckily my other Steg was untouched and as they are stubborn he held his ground. My Skinks lost 1 to the Dark Rider champion but killed him in return and reformed to face the Arcane Ruins.

My turn and I charged my Carno into his Cold Ones just skimming the swamp. I chucked my last Stegadon at the Corsair unit and moved my Saurus forward past and over the swamp towards his Crossbowmen on that flank while my Bastiladon and Skinks made a move for the other unit on the other flank, leaving my Skink Priest by the Arcane Ruins.
Magic and I managed to cast my Bastiladons ray again at the Crossbowmen but only managed a 1 so d3 S3 hits but still managed to kill 2. I also cast Curse of Anraheir on the Corsairs to give them -1 to hit me in the combat phase.
Shooting and my Skinks took a few of the Crossbowmen down and with my Stegs in combat that was it.
Combat and the Cold One knights took a wound off my Carno but my Oldblood wielding the Blade of Realities killed all the knights back in return for little effort. Managed to overrun into his Crossbowmen unit with the level 3 mage. The Corsair unit with characters killed themselves another Stegadon but the last one held again keeping them pinned for now.

Turn 3.
Jason not having much left just kept his army still.
Magic and he rolled bad again but did manage to magic missile my Skinks and drop them down by 3.
Shooting and his Crossbowmen killed all but 1 of the Skinks in front of them but by some miracle he held.
Combat saw my Carno and Lord kill his mage and half his Crossbowmen unit but somehow they held. The Stegadon holding the Corsairs up managed to survive mostly down to him not reforming the turn before so he was only facing the Lord and 3 Corsairs.

My turn and I charged a unit of Saurus to help out the Carno and Oldblood. I moved my Bastiladon and Skinks towards the Crossbowmen unit on the other flank.
Magic and my Priest was unlucky and failed to get Curse of Anraheir off again on the Corsairs but luckily the Stegs still only facing a Lord and a few Corsairs. I tried to laser the Crossbowmen but he dispelled this.
Shooting and I killed all the Crossbowmen with Skinks but left the mage.
Combat and my Carno and Saurus took down the last of the Crossbowmen and turned to face the Corsair unit. My Stegadon survived with one wound and the Corsair unit was starting to dwindle, but it was the characters doing the damage so it wasn't helping. He managed a reform this time so my Steg was going to die to the no armour save Hag now.

Turn 4.
Jason charged his lone mage into my last Skink from the blue unit. Nothing else to move.
Magic and he was limited to his debuff spell and knowing this I just chucked all my dispel dice at it to stop it.
Shooting and he had nothing left to shoot with so on to combat.
Combat phase and he finally downed my last Stegadon. I  had moved my Skinks and Priest either side of his unit though making it difficult for him to manoeuvre his unit anywhere useful hopefully giving my Carno a chance to flank him. His mage killed my last Skink and overran towards my Skink Priest but missed him due to the angle.

My turn and my Carno is right on his max charge range for the Corsairs so I opted to move him closer but keep him out of charge arc. As he still had 1000 or so points in this one unit I decided to hold my Saurus units back to preserve some points. I stupidly forgot to move my Skinks here who could have killed his mage, dumbass. I moved my Bastiladon to try and laser the Corsairs.
Magic and I only rolled a few dice but managed to curse the Corsairs again. It didn't leave me enough dice for my laser but I had to prioritise.
Shooting I missed due to not moving my Skinks, dumbass.
Combat phase and nothing was bashing face this turn.

Turn 5.
Jason moved his Corsair unit round to face my Carno and Bastiladon. His mage charged my Skink Priest who opted to flee and managed to get just out of her charge range.
Magic and the cheeky git tried to magic missile my Skink Priest, which he did, and he died. Damn. It was an irresistible cast though and the bitch killed herself LOLs, small victories. But it left him enough dice to frenzy his Cauldron and Corsairs.
Shooting and he had none left.
Combat again nothing was fighting.

My turn and I had to decide if I had earned enough points for a win. With the Corsairs and more importantly the Hag frenzied I tried to restrain my own frenzied unit in the Carno, but failed with 2 6s and a 5. So with him going in I had to send the Bastiladon to try and help.
Magic, no mage :(
Shooting, Jason's last unit was in combat.
Combat phase and my Oldblood and Hag went into a challenge. My Lord died with her rerolling everything and him having no ward save yet. At least my Carno managed to bite her head off and my Bastiladon took a beating but only lost 1 wound and hit back and killed a few of his guys. I won the combat but he held as was still Steadfast.

Turn 6.
Last turn and combat saw my Carno slapped down to 1 wound by his S6 Lord but my Bastiladon and Carno his back and took the Cauldron to 2 wounds. I won the combat with the Thunderstomps but he held again.

My turn and his Lord finally got the best of my Carno. My Bastiladon made a good account for himself and held the combat but in the end Jason just had too many VPs over me as almost half his points was tied up in this one unit.

A bit disappointing especially as Jason isn't usually a "deathstar" style player. My deployment while made for a great pic did nothing for me tactically so if I get the chance I will try this army again and use it properly. Now I know the way the cauldron works I know a flank charge will nerf it as characters can make way and this is not treated as a character.

Next game VS dwarves with a gun line and more cannons than I can deal with. I am using my Ethereal Slaan but he can magic his cannonballs so I don't expect him to survive.

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