Friday, 14 March 2014

Back to the Badlands fourth game (in brief)

This game was against Dwarves and it was a whole army of guns and warmachines.

I'm studying for a new career atm so don't have as much time free to write these up fully so this will be an overview.

First turn involved him shooting the crap out of me. We had the diagonal set up and I had my Ethereal Slaan army (who was not safe from his magical warmachine shots).
He had loads of handguns and crossbows plus 2 Organ guns a cannon and a flame cannon. Plenty of anti magic so mu magic phases were moot too.
I lost about 18 Saurus on the first turn to shooting, 2 Ripperdactyls and the champ left on 1 wound, wounded a couple of my 6 Salamanders in 2 units and killed a handful of Skink Skirmishers.
I did managed to charge his cannon with the remaining Ripper but he died after 2 rounds of combat leaving 1 Dwarf crew for my Skinks in reserve to finish off when they turned up.
Rinse and repeat really for the nest 5 turns. I only managed to get some Saurus in combat with his reserves on my left flank and his Gyrocopter, the rest died to shooting.
I managed to cast 3 spells the whole game and only got off one coz I rolled 3 6s for Comet.

End of the game I had 2 unwounded Salamanders. My Slaan died in a Dwarf sandwich of 2 units one in front and one in the back as he was trying to avoid warmachines with only one wound left.

Not a fun army to play against really and I can't see any easy way around this kind of shooting army in Fantasy.

Next week Storm of Magic vs Scotts Dark Elves, the only person to ever do well against me but not since his new book came out have we played SOM.

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