Friday, 28 February 2014

Back to the Badlands second game.

So my second game was a siege game, I wanted to try out my siege army and Robs Chaos Warrior held castle was the closest. It went well. The army needs some fine tuning but otherwise worked a treat.

I took my Slaan with Lore of Fire and Book of Ashur. He can mod his miscast by 1 with his Slaan powers and also reroll his first failed miscast, he shut down most of Robs 4 magic phases even with him having a level 2 mage with Nurgle and a level 4 Daemon Prince with Tzeentch.
The rest of my 2000 points was 2 units of 3 Salamanders. 30 Saurus and 15 Saurus with a Scar-Vet with halberd. 20 Temple Guard with Banner of the Eternal Flame and a level 2 Skink Priest with Lore of Beasts.
Rob had in addition to his mages, 3 block of Chaos Warriors, 2 with Nurgle and 1 with Khorne. An Aspiring Hero, a unit of 4 Nurgle Ogres and a unit of Skullcrushers. He misread the rules for the relief force stating you need at least a unit of 5 to pass through the gate so these 3 were not going to be enough but could still smash me up some outside if they turned up early enough. I managed to breach 3 wall sections, one was a gate one was a tower pre game. Rob set his Nurgle mage up with some Warriors in a Wizard Tower with Arcane Warding and his other tower had Warding on too. 2 of his units had burning oil and his gate had 2 breath weapon attacks.

I went first being siege and with Rob having no shooting in his army I was unharmed as yet. Rob on the other hand had lost a wound of his Hero, 2 wounds on an Ogre and about 18 or so Chaos Warriors, 9 alone just from his Khorne unit almost halving their fighting power.
Movement phase I held back as even with reduced numbers Chaos Warriors pack a punch and Nurgle guys are harder to hit.
Magic phase I rolled well and Fireballed 4 Khorne Warriors. I also tried to Flaming Sword my Salamanders for 3+ to wound with rerolls but he stopped this. I also tried a Burning Head but he Dispel Scrolled this away.
Shooting and my Salamanders only rolled 1 misfire killing 1 Skink, the rest between them killed 3 Khorne Warriors leaving the Champion and 3 others and 5 Nurgle Warriors over the wall and Tower sections. By this point Rob wanted to concede but I told him to hold fast as Siege games have a way of turning quite quickly.

Robs turn and not much really happened, he swapped his Khorne Warriors with his Ogres as he felt the gate was more important to hold and his Khorne Warriors had taken a burning in my turn, magic phase he tried to cast a few spells but nothing happened. No combat as yet so one to my turn.

My turn 2. I charged the Khorne Warriors with my 15 Saurus plus Scar-Vet. 30 Saurus hit the now diminished unit of Nurgle Warriors, there was about 10 left I think. I left my Temple Guard back again as my Salamanders were still in a position to hit the gate section guarded by Ogres now and the Nurgle Warrior guarded Wizard Tower.
Magic and I rolled low but I did manage to get Flaming Sword on my 30 Saurus and failed again to get Savage Beasts off.
Shooting and my Salamanders again killed about 4 or 5 Warriors between them, even with the reroll to wounds on them their armour is sturdy and I missed the section with the Khorne Warriors on, they die faster due to having 2 hand weapons and no shield.
Combat and my 15 Saurus and Hero had a tough time with the Khorne Warriors, even with just 5 left they chucked out 21 attacks and hit me on 3s. I lost about 4 Saurus but with my Hero and 9 Warriors I wiped them out and took the tower. My 30 Warriors vs the Nurgle guys didn't fair too well as I needed 5s to hit them and they have a 3+ armour save but I managed to kill about 3 or 4 and he killed 6 (plus I had lost 2 to the rocks standing and shooting) back so I lost and stepped an inch back.

Robs turn 2 and he flew his Daemon Prince out of the castle behind my big Saurus unit. His Skullcrushers turned up behind my army opposite the Gate but quite far away yet. No other movement.
Magic and he tried Infernal Gateway on my Temple Guard which I Dispel Scrolled as he rolled really high and he tried to Glean Magic my Skink but was out of arc so he tried a Nurgle spell which forces a T test or take damage but I dispelled this.
Shooting and he poured rocks and burning oil on my big Saurus unit killing about 4. No combat so my turn.

Turn 3 and I charged the Ogres with my Temple Guard and Slaan. I recharged with my big unit of Saurus and moved my Salamanders awar from the path of the Skullcrushers to get one last shot in before I couldn't shoot the castle anymore of the Daemon Prince charged them. I also moved my Skink so he was well hidden from the big Daemon.
Magic and I rolled low again but did manage a 2d6 Fireball of the Nurgle Warriors in the tower but forgot they had magic res 2 from the warding and failed to kill any.
Shooting and with some careful placement my Salamanders killed about 4 Nurgle Warriors over the 2 units I couldn't risk hitting my stuff though so didn't get as many as I wanted.
Combat and my Temple Guard killed 3 of the Ogres leaving the champ on 1 wound. He had a great weapon so killed 3 back in return and the breath weapon killed 3 but then he fled the gate section and my Temple Guard took it. My Saurus again hit the Nurgle Warriors very few times but did manage to fell 2 more leaving 2 and the Hero. I lost 5 again but just stepped back from the wall.

Robs turn 3 and his Skullcrushers failed a charge against my Salamanders as I chose to run with them, reasoning I might be able to rally them and get another shot in before the end. His Daemon Prince charged my big block of Saurus with an inevitable outcome there.
Magic phase and Rob tried to knock d3 T off my warriors but I dispelled this. Only having 1 dice left he didn't bother trying anymore.
No shooting so combat phase. Robs Daemon Prince chewed though my Saurus, I did manage to tak 2 wounds off him though but ran into the castle and died crushed between a rock and a Warp Spawned Monster.

My turn 4 after convincing Rob not to concede again. By this point I was holding the gate with a objective on it and the tower with one on and rob only had a few guys left on the wall section with the 3rd objective on and only 5 Nurgle Warriors and a mage stopping me from getting to that. So I declared a charge with my Temple Guard on the gate at the Wizard Tower and my Salamanders all lined up to shoot the Daemon Prince and the wall behind.
Magic phase and I managed to get Flaming Sword off on the Salamanders that could shoot, the other unit rallied but couldn't shoot this turn.
Shooting and my 3 Salamanders all wounded the Daemon Prince and took 1 wound off him but more importantly killed the Nurgle Warriors on the wall.
Combat and my Temple Guard killed all the Warriors in the Wall section but he Mage managed to hold. I only had 4 Temple Guard left with my Slaan.

Robs turn 4 and with no way of killing or stopping my Salamanders moving in to the now empty wall section and my Temple Guard ready to charge the Mage again he decided enough was enough and conceded.

My army was designed with siege in mind so I'm glad it did well. I don't know how it will do against a more shooty army or one with Warmachines but those armies don't have the Mark of Nurgle either so at least I will be able to hit them.

Next game VS Jason and his Dark Elves again. This time though with my Carnosaur Lord and his 3 Stegadon friends.

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