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Back to the Badlands first game.

So had my first game last night. Was attacked on my mine by the nefarious(cursed) Dark Elves of Jason. He is relatively new to fantasy despite being in our last BITB he was a newcomer then but hasn't played many games since and didn't really get as many in as he should have with the new book before this campaign started.

I was using my defensive character the ethereal Slaan Tehe-Chuq. My only returning character due to him dying and being bound to the Badlands from the last campaign. He uses the Lore of High Magic which used right I have started noticing is massively powerful.

Jason had a High Beastmaster on a Manticore as his general and 2 level 2 Sorceresses both with Shadow, hoping for Pit of Shades which he didn't get. He also had the compulsory Hydra, 2 Bolt Throwers, a small unit of Crossbowmen, a Spearman unit and some Corsairs and 5 Dark Riders.

I had my Slaan, a level 2 Skink Priest with Beasts, 2 lots of 15 Saurus Warriors, a unit of 30 Saurus Warriors, 3 Salamanders in a unit of 2 and a solo, Bastiladon with the Ark of Sotek and my Ancient Stegadon with sharpened horns for that extra punch.

We rolled the Dawn Attack scenario which doesn't usually effect me too much as my army is pretty flexible. Both our armies still ended up pretty central with his 2 Bolt Throwers and Dark Riders on my right flank countering my solo Salamander with my other 2 far to the left but central with the rest of my army in the middle but 1 unit of 15 Saurus stuck in a poison attack inducing river (which really helped later on).

Jason went first and moved his monsters towards me and his corsairs. His Dark Riders had vanguarded forward and finished their move 2" in front of my solo Salamander (shot him but only took a wound off and killed the extra Skink Handler I bought for him).
Magic was naff he just took 1S off my Steggy, not sure why but it was remains in play so could have helped later I suppose.
He shot everything at my Skink Priest who was just stood in a river like a dumbass but he either missed thanks to the extra -1 to hit for him being Aquatic of failed to wound, miracle he survived really.
My first turn I charged my solo Salamander into the Dark Riders (failed to kill or even hit any and ran away, crap but was my best option with him as to avoid them would have put me in Manticore charge arc or they would just turn and shoot me again next turn). The rest of my army manoeuvred to account for the closing Hydra in the trees and the slightly flanking Manticore stood just to his left. My left flank moved up through the river and my Skink Priest joined the now 14 Saurus after one fell in the river and drown.
Magic and my Slaan buffed my Stegadons blowpipes to BS6 and moved my Salamanders a bit closer to try and catch the Corsairs with shooting.
Shooting phase and my Stegadon killed 6 Crossbowmen and my Salamanders clipped one and killed about 2-3 Corsairs due to their better save and me missing with one of the templates.

Dark Elves turn 2 and Jason charged his Corsairs (+BSB) in to my 2 Salamanders, I held because he needed 8 to hit them, which he did but it was worth the risk. The rest of his army just manoeuvred for turn 3 charges or shooting angles.
Magic phase upon where the Dark Elf Sorceress decides she doesn't like her kin anymore. So Jason irresistibles his first spell knocking my Stegadons movement down by 2, then his miscast kills 3 Spearmen. Swaps his casters over using the Shadow attribute. The Sorceress he just put in the Spearmen then does the same except she goes nova and kills 11 Spearmen. Jason swaps the Sorceresses back making me think of a conundrum when it comes to panic tests. So after some checking we conclude now she has re-joined another unit and they become a combined unit that panic through heavy casualties now states this "unit" was the cause of the Spearmen casualties and so they flee from them, which they do, right through his Hydra, bastard thing is close enough to the General, possible game changing outcome avoided but amusing all the same.
Shooting had little effect again I think he took 2 wounds off my Steggy with Bolt Throwers and Crossbowmen combined.
Combat his Corsairs killed my Salamanders for minimal loss and over runs into my 14 Saurus and Skink Priest.
My turn. So I was going to charge my Stegadon in to his Corsairs but I decided instead to move him round to shoot the Manticore before he charged me next turn. I turned my Saurus, 15 and 30 to face the Hydra and Manticore respectively.
Magic phase. Skink buffed my 14 Saurus with Wyssans Wildform and my Slaan magic missiles the Manticore taking 2 wounds off the monster and 2 off the Beastmaster with 2d6 hits. I tried to heal my Steggy but he dispelled this and I buffed my Steggys BS by 2 after he failed a dispel. At the end of the phase I swapped a spell out for a Light spell and got the WS and I 10 spell.
Shooting and my Steggy laid waste to his Beastmaster with 19 shots. Manticore passed some saves so only lost a wound by Jason was still not happy to lose his General.
My 14 Saurus held up well against his Corsairs winning by 2 even without the rank bonus as they are in a river but he held with the BSB.

Dark Elves turn 3. Manticore charged and chased down 15 Saurus. I was trying to get him to redirect in to my 30 Saurus unit but I ran only 4" so he completed that charge. The Hydra hit the 30 Saurus and due to me turning them well last turn he hit the front, they are 6 ranks deep. The Spearmen rallied behind some trees.
Jason's magic phase was a bit rubbish again with him taking 1 off my Saurus strength fighting his Corsair unit.
Shooting was a bit ineffectual as his Crossbows bounced shots off my Bastiladon (which actually did nothing for most of this game but worry him it was better than it is) and he forgot to shoot his Bolt Throwers. 
Combat phase saw my Saurus fighting the Corsairs finish them off but the BSB held again on his own now though. My 30 Saurus somehow only lost 2 models to the Hydras 8 attacks and breath weapon and thunderstomp and took 3 wounds in return which saw him turn tail and flee.
My turn and I declared a charge on his Hydra with my Saurus to make it flee another 10" then redirected to his Spearmen but failed that charge only moving 4" towards them but now I am only 4" away. My Bastiladon declared a charge on the Crossbowmen and they passed a Terror test and he failed his charge. I positioned my Stegadon shoot the Manticore in the shooting phase. I moved my Slaan in a position to be able to magic missile the Spearmen who has rallied.
Magic phase and I did just that killing a few with Soul Quench. I tried to Wyssans my Saurus fighting the BSB but he dispelled this so I made them WS and I 10 instead.
Shooting phase was just my Stegadon killing the Manticore with 18 shots from his blowpipes.
Combat and the Saurus and BSB battle still waged on with him beating me by 1 as I could only bring 3 Saurus to bear against him so I challenged with my Champion but he only managed 1 wound and so his BSB status got him the extra combat res point. I held as my Slaan was only 9" away.

Dark Elves turn 4 and basically the last one. To add insult to injury his Hydra was now on max wounds again and then fled off the board. His spearmen shifted position to take my 28 Saurus charge next turn. He had nothing left to move.
Magic phase and he only rolled 6 dice and with my channels I had the same so he failed to get any spells off.
Shooting phase and his Crossbowmen nearly took a wound off my Bastiladon and his Bolt Throwers both hit and failed to wound my Stegadon.
Combat and my Saurus failed to hurt his BSB which is when I enquired as to how he had such a good save with a Halberd in his hands and he said with his shield, so I explained you can't use this is melee which as a less experienced player I gave him the benefit of the doubt he didn't know. So I did take a wound off him but he killed 2 back so combat drags on again.
My turn I charged my 28 Saurus in to his Spearmen and Sorceress. My Bastiladon charged the Crossbowmen again, he failed the Terror test with a reroll and my Bastiladon who is slow as Saurus caught them and stomped them good. I moved my Stegadon to charge his BSB if he was still there next turn.
Magic I failed to get off Wyssans again with him dispelling but I did make my 28 Saurus WS and I 10 vs the Spearmen.
Shooting I didn't have any as most things were in combat or facing the wrong way.
Combat and the BSB finally saw off my Saurus, chasing them but the went 2" further but he was still in my Stegadons charge arc. My Saurus mashed his Spearmen for a few dead in return and chased the few survivors down.

This ended the game as his BSB and Bolt Throwers  would not be able to do much damage to what I had left which was still over 70% of what I started with.

It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, not having my monster killing or redirecting Skinks made things tricky but I like a challenge and my army did well. My Slaan performed great. Ethereal and Loremaster of High magic seem to work really well. Lets hope the luck continues.

Next game is vs Rob and his evil Chaos Warriors and I went super aggressive and attacked his capital. I will be using my Fire Slaan and a full 6 Salamanders for that one.

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