Friday, 10 January 2014

Painting from the tail end of 2013

Just a few bits I finished around Xmas or just before but never got round to posting pictures of. Have a new phone and computer speeds things up posting wise but defo need a better camera.

First up my other Slaan, the non ethereal one. He has a pink Skink attendant as my partner didn't believe I would paint a pink Skink.

Next up my new Carnosaur and Lord. I have built him as Kroq-Gar as I really like the way he is posed and I plan to use him in future as he is only 20 points more than my kitted up Oldblood and he comes with a 5+ ward he confers to his mount too.

Next up we have my Bastiladon which I have cleverly managed to build with both "weapon" options using some trickery and spare bits.


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