Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Last years games and such.

So I finally get around to this. I had a pretty good run last year with most of my armies. I didn't get as much Warmachine in as I would like but then I have only a few people to play this against.

So lets start with my most active army, Lizardmen. So 20 or so normal games or varying sizes from 2k up to 4k. 13 of these were wins, 3 were draws and 4 losses. majority of my games were played against Neils Ogres or Daemons 11 games in all and he only beat me once and drew once. Only 1 game against Ginge using his Dark Elves which he lost. I think he was pissed off from the year before where I beat him so much at Fantasy so didn't play me much this year (don't worry he owns me constantly at 40k but I don't mind this as Fantasy is way more tactical than "my gun trumps your gun plus I have flyers" 40k). Played 4 games of Triumph and Treachery. Came 2nd 3 times and won the 2nd game. I really like how this plays too it just takes a while to play with some of our regulars.

Next up Chaos, some may say the bastard child of 40k as GW only seems to see it at weekends and thinks sweets are a good substitute for love (see Heldrake). Mixed bag with these guys as always. 22 standard games (including a couple of C.O.D and Planestrike). 14 wins, 1 draw (mostly due to the change to 40k with secondary objectives) and 6 losses. I may have actually missed noting some games down but at most a couple. A lot more opponents for 40k as it's what our crowd mostly play. Somewhere in here was a campaign we played which saw more C.O.D games than usual and me playing Tim at Planestrike twice. The first was for the campaign he attacked me with his Blood Angels host, lots of jump packs and nastiness but I fought him off with some devious tactics and a lone Aspiring Champion who's frag grenades were clearly warp tainted as alone he felled over 10 marines mwahahaha. The second game was a revenge strike for fun as my army is quite assaulty and I won this and I think I actually tabled him too. I played another defending against Neils Grey Knights which I won by a country mile due to some really bad deepstrikes on his part and me having 2 Forgefiends which tore up his Terminators as soon as they were out of combat or got a bad run after deepstriking. I have no wins next to Ginges name in 40k.

Space Wolves. Only played 2 games as I seem to struggle a bit with them in this addition. I Love my Thunderwolves but they just cost so much points wise and are always heavy weapons bait. I won a game against Neils Grey Knights and lost to Ginges Orks. I don't want to invest anymore in this army yet while I'm expanding my Chaos to include many Daemons for Apoc and such.

Khador. Didn't get to use these much but I had a few games against Scotts Cygnar where he realised Epic Sorcha can be super fast on assassination runs and Prime Butcher can smash a Warjack down without support then hold off the whole armies shooting to smash face again next turn. Played against the Legion too and I don't like them.

So that was it. Not a bad year and this year the Lizardmen are already rocking out and holding my unbeaten siege record up by a hair sometimes. Chaos are doing much better now I have some Fleshounds and Bloodcrushers to support my advancing Rhinos plus Be'lekor is the dogs do das.


  1. I like how you play down 40k before mentioning your record against me... Now if you wish to criticise my flyers fair enough, but I also beat you with my fifth edition designed Star Wars Guard army... :oP

    I hadn't realised we'd barely played each other at Fantasy, I think the problem is with most people playing 40k the day I decide to bring fantasy you normally tell me to play Stephen so he can get a break from getting beat by you :oP To be fair, my Dark Elves lost to anyone who wasn't High Elves, and are henceforth known as the accursed company... I fully expect Jason to tank every game in the upcoming campaign. I have no qualms with that...

  2. Just double checked my stats... we played 5 games last year. 3 40k, which I won (with Guard, Star Wars Guard, and Orks) and 2 games of Fantasy. You slaughtered my Dark Elves, but my Empire beat your lizards at a 3k game too.

    Plus we have two games of Triumph and Treachery... I won vs you and Neil, you won vs (literally) me and Stephen.

  3. I did say I may have missed a few games but I don't remember a 3k fantasy game against you unless it was that one where your steam tank held off half my army in which case I do remember it but forgot to note it down. The TnT I did mention but not specifics but the game you 2 ganged up on me was a well deserved win on my part you bastards.

  4. I couldn't remember the exact circumstances either, until you mentioned the steam tank - it was that game. One steam tank held up half your army while the rest of my army took you apart piecemeal :-D

    And yeah that was well deserved in that TnT, so annoying cos I should have rampaged through you and wiped you out early on but I still had the druchii curse on me and couldn't hit a barn door with that sodding runefang...