Friday, 10 January 2014

Characters for BITB mark 2

So we are going back to the Badlands at the end of this month hopefully so I have sorted my characters to lead my three mighty armies.

So my only returning character is Tehe-Chuq. He died quite early on last campaign so I brought him back as an ethereal Slaan. Well he never left the Badlands mainly because no one could find his bones making his spirit tied to the Floating Fortress. It's back and so is he. Having plenty of time to contemplate how the Skaven appeared and took the prize without anyone seeing it he has come to the conclusion it was the Empires fault. As such Ginge who was an enemy last time will be returning in this role. Although we fight on the same side in the big games it means we can screw each other over in the bigger picture of the campaign map. My ally is newbie Steve with his High Elves. With my guiding hand he may win some games and help me (us I suppose) to that all important big V.

So here they are.

Tehe-Chuq - Slaan 480 points. Loremaster High Magic.
BSB, Standard of Discipline (+1 to his LD but he can't use the Generals LD, which he is so doesn't matter), Higher State of Consciousness (ethereal and unstable but can't join units), Focus of Mystery (Loremaster High Magic, as he can swap a spell for any other lore's spells this gives me a more flexible mage), Harmonic Convergence ( 3 dice to channel power and dispels), Channelling Staff (lets me channel on a 5+, see what I did there).

Going for all round flexible approach to this one and hope he can find his bones and return to Lustria by the end of this campaign. In terms of "free" magic items we can earn through the campaign I only really need to get him some magic resistance to protect against magic missiles.

Mundigoq-Hele - Slaan 420 points. Lore of Fire.
Becalming Cogitations (reroll first failed dispel each turn), Soul of Stone (add or subtract 1 from the miscast result), Book of Ashur (+1 to cast and dispel).

I have never run an "aggressive" magic user before but I think one of the nest ways to win Siege and Storm of Magic is to burn people out of their hidey holes. Castles are a bitch to take with a spell caster lord but I wanted to try something I haven't for this so here we have power house burninator Slaan. Even with low dice he should be able to get a couple of fire spells off and can shut down another mage with ease. I will be using him with Temple Guard so the modifying miscast might help keep them alive as I tend to lose a lot to miscast explosions.

Tehexhol and Ecti the Bloodied - Oldblood on Carnosaur 500 points.
The Blade of Realities.
Loping Stride and Bloodroar on Carnosaur.

Not how I would normally run him BUUUT he does already have a 3+ save being mounted and now has 5 S5 attacks that ignore armour and ward saves. My thinking here was I will pick up free items all campaign BUUUT never enough points for an epic sword like that (it's 100) so after a game or 2 he will be back on his 1+ rerolling save and have his Egg of Quango and some sort of ward save. I just have to keep him away from cannons until this happens.

Let battle and the creation of Epic Moments commence.


  1. Pretty much what I plan to do with a couple of my characters... obviously Sir Ulric (Marius) is set in stone, and I'm gonna give his son and heir the magic items he had last time... But I plan to bring Roughguts and the church along with very little, they can cash in while down there.

    Funny that we both have at least one character looking for the bones of another - his own in your case, a prophets in mine. I get the feeling both of us are gonna be sifting through ogre shit...

    1. I plan to burn it rather than sift through it but I dont think it will change the smell much