Thursday, 7 November 2013

Back to the Badlands

So early next year with Xmas out of the way we shall be returning to the Badlands. I almost emerged victorious last time were it not for some dastardly Skaven who only joined the last game to even up the teams, grrrr. I had the largest empire and probably the most overall wins so I am hoping to expand on that and get the big win this time.

I have a new book which took some getting used to as my overpowered Life Slaan took a bit of a knock but I have been practicing with my Carnosaur Lord with varying success and by the time we start I shall have some Ripperdactyls which on paper look amazing. Screw the Skink on top the Ripper is evil stat wise and which ever unit gets "toaded" they get to reroll hits and wounds against. Small support units or fast cav seem the best target for this and then once they have killed them you should be in position to do some damage to the back lines or threaten the flanks.

I shall be bringing back my "un"dead Slaan with either Shadow of Death but I would like to get some practice in with these Lore's of he will be running Loremaster High as now we have a Lore I can avoid the old school Life Slaan. Also will be running him ethereal again and solo as I'm fed up with him killing half of my Temple Guards when he's in the unit and plus the new rules mean he can't join a unit now.

My Old Blood on foot will be returning on the back of his new friend Mr Carnosaur (name yet to be established). I've actually built the model as Kroq-Gar just because he looks cool and also I intend to use him as him in the future but he's 20 points over for this campaign, shame as Grymloq gets a 5+ ward save while he's alive which helps nicely against Empire and Ogres with their cannons.

Mt Skink Priest has been retired due to the new Engine of the Gods being not so hot anymore. No bonuses for him riding it so rather pointless. Instead I will be bringing Tehenhauin as the most anti of Skaven to come and flush them out of the Badlands. Problem is they wont be here anymore as that player is not returning (incidentally we have Empire, Lizardmen, Ogres, High Elves, Warriors of Chaos, Dwarves and 2 Dark Elf players this time) so instead he will aim his hatred at the next most evil things alive, Ginger people. No not really as the Ginger one will most likely be my ally so instead we shall probably focus on either Chaos/Ogres or Dark Elves x2.

Anyway I will update more when I remember/establish names and history for my characters and their friends.

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