Saturday, 7 April 2012

Blood in the Badlands season 2 . . . .

Well the 3 weeks of gaming are up for this season, I only had 1 game on the last week due to having the largest empire and not getting to pick an oppo. I dont mind though my armies recieved some big points bonuses in the 2 weeks of down time meaning when I got my game it was going to be very one sided.
Unfortunatly although I won it wasnt quite the whitewash I was expecting. I played against Rob who has High Elves. He is getting better but isnt a very experienced player at Warhammer and is still learning his Elves and has thus far hasnt had many victories.

With a 2500 point army VS his 2000 in a Storm of Magic game, which my army has been doing very well in since my first few practice games where I lost badly both times due to not having a good secondary mage.

So with the armies depolyed, my Slaan on foot and a Skink and my Dark Emissary occupying Fulcrums I won the first turn roll off and away we went. First turn for me could have gone better, my regiment of renown (15 Saurus) and the Chimera charged a unit of 21 Swordmasters, it was a case of charge of be charged. Manouvered the rest of my army, 2 units of 3 Salamanders 1 in the middle 1 on the right flank made the biggest moves to get them in flamer range.
Magic phase I rolled ok on dice numbers about 15 or so I think, Shadow was in assendency which my Emissary had but with my unit in CC with Swordmasters I needed to buff them up with Lore of Life via my Slaan. Managed to make them T8 and cast Shield of Thorns on them (which I forgot to roll for at the end of th Magic phase, could have wiped out half the unit FFS). Also knocked a level 2 off the Fulcrum with my Slaan who then took his place to get a dwellers below on the Spearmen hiding in the back, but fluffed it and only killed about 6 or 7. Shooting phase saw a few wounds here and there across Robs army but my Salamanders were limited to what he could hit due to the combat near the middle and me taking the Fulcrum. Combat was brutal, I killed about 6 Swordmasters and Robs general in a challenge with my Hero, largely thanks to being T9 and him needing 6s to hit me as he was carrying the Wind Catcher Prism with Shadow in effect. Robs BSB was near by though and he held his ground and wounded my Chimera quite a bit.

Robs first turn saw his big unit of Spearmen join the combat but only charging the Chimera (which his BSB killed this turn) his manticore flew closer to his central line ready to see off my Salamanders next turn and the rest stayed still to shoot me. Magic saw Life in assendancy, Regen for my Saurus unit then :P but didnt help Rob at all. He got a few minor spells off but made me chuck 9 dice to stop Let the Four Winds Blow as he rolled in the 30's without a bloody double 6. Shooting saw my Skink on Fulcrum take a wound and my Salamanders get softened up. The only combat saw my Chimera die before he could eat anyone and 1 of my Saurus fall (only to get back up as I rolled 1 6 for a regen save) but with the bonus of the Spearmen ranks he won the combat but my Slaan being nearby and LD 10 and a BSB meant I wasnt going anywere yet.

Turn 2 for me was largly uneventful, I tried to stop the newly reformed Spearmen from charging in by blocking them with Skink Skirmishers (but my Slaan Dwellered so many this turn that the unit shrunk enough to get in, bugger). Magic phase saw Heavens in assendancy, no good for Slaan who miscast twice but failed to make my Saurus T8 again (did ignore both miscasts though, and I forgot to do Shield of Thorns again, grrr). Shooting wasnt great as my Salamanders were avoiding being charged of chasing wounded mages and fluffing the shooting. Combat saw my Saurus take heavy casualties as I had no T buff and just got to reroll my 1s this turn :(. They stayed though even with only a few left.

Robs turn in came the Spearmen and BSB. Manticore charged a unit of Salamanders (ate them good too). Magic phase was bad one for Rob. Dispelled Shield of Thorns, for all the good it was doing and didnt manage to cast much that I couldnt stop. Shooting saw a few wounds spread across my army, my Skink Priest having last turn swapped Fulcrums on a miscast took a lot of shooting but no wounds.
Combat saw Robs BSB cut my Hero down and the Saurus unit finished off by the combined might of 2 units. Just as well I have another unit right behind to take their place :P and with only 3 Swordmasters left should be easy win (it was).

Turns 3 and 4 saw that combat go my way and then the Spearmen join in, flee and get run down :P
Magic was pitiful for both of us mostly, a well timed Four Winds saw some of Robs units take heavy wounds a mage die. Magic Missiles finished off another and by turn 4s end Rob conceded due to having no magic users and only a few archers and 2 Bolt Throwers left.

My army took more damage than it should have and I wasted a unit of 30 Saurus on a flank they didnt need to be on, but they did keep the Manticore away I suppose. Note to self, must do better and remember things like at the end of phase spells and thunderstomps.

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