Friday, 2 March 2012

Blood in the Badlands season 1 cont . . . . .

Well thats the Spring season wrapped up.

My 3rd game for this was a Seige of Magic game (Storm of Magic and Seige) against my nemesis for this campaign Ginge.

He attacked my Capital because the Floating Fastness was nearby and any SoM games we play give you an automatic relic, win or lose. And lose he did in quite spectacular fashion.
Me being the defender had to deploy first. I only had 1 Arcane Fulcrum I could start with but to keep his mages alive and safe from my Salamanders (who could shoot twice each before the game started) he only started with 1 Fulcrum too as the others were close to my castle walls. He deployed his knights right on the edge of my 18" threat range, or so he though turns out they were about 16" away from the wall and my closest unit of Salamanders got a lot of hits on them killing lots with their -3 armour save modifier.
Things didnt go well for Ginge really the whole way through. He kept his army well back on the first turn, he had a "plan". First magic phase wasnt that effective although his Fire mage did fireball barrage the crap out of my Salamanders killing 2 due to the rerolls to wound for it being fire and me being in a building. My magic phase wasnt much more useful and I had very little range attacks as he had kept his army back. My Chimera did manage to charge out of the gate and attack the Fire mage but his 3+ ward save kept him alive.
Second turn really ended the game for Ginge. A miscast result on a spell that had little effect on me meant I could cast a spel for free of up to 4d6. I rolled 24 :) but eventually chose to cast a measly 15 value spell, Let the Four Winds Blow. Knocked 2 of his mages off Fulcrums, killing 1 and knocked a unit of Flagellents into another mage killing him. Also pushed his kights back towards the edge of the board again :P
Turn 3 was the mop up turn. Ginge refused to charge the castle as he didnt want me to use my Giant that Ive never got into combat yet :( and he only had 2 mages left, 1 was too far away to do anything useful and the other was in the unit refusing to charge my walls. I had little movement just re-arrange some of my units on the walls and moved a unit out to threaten the unit refusing to charge me. Magic phase was useful as I again pushed his army away from the castle, and his knights were blocked now by a Fulcrum i decided to place in front of them, they played little part in the game from now apart from his Templar Grand Master killing a mage I stupidly moved on that Fulcrum, and 1 hitting my Chimera that charged his units flank.
Turn 4 and 5 was basically me moping up what was left of Ginges army. I felt bad for him he didnt even get to assault the castle and my Regiment of Renown he almost wiped up I fully restored to life meaning he had only killed about 6 models by the end of the game.

Last game of the season was a big battle with my Team (order players) defending a castle against the other team (destruction and a neutral).
I was defending the castle with 1 of the High Elf players, Rob. We were attacked by Ogres and Orcs and Goblins. The underground board was High Elves, Rich F vs Dark Elves, Scott with Scott the winner allowing what was left of his army to arrive on our main board behind the castle walls on turn 3. The watch tower mission was Ginge defending against Jasons Dark Elves with Ginge the winner allowing what little was left of his army to arrive outside the castle on our turn 3.
Me and Rob did well to hold 90% of the castle until help arrived, only losing 1 tower to Man Easters and 1 wall to a unit of bloody Squigs which are nasty, nasty. I took that wall back and Ginge arrived just in time to stop the Ogres outside making a play for it, as it was breached and my unit was half strength they had a good chance. By the end of the game we had held on to all 3 objectives, Scotts Dark Elves arrived to late to make any useful difference only to draw some of our reserve forces back towards the castle interior to block him charging the walls.

Victory for Order. We all won a handful of relics though, winners and losers get d3. I walked away with a seige tailsman allowing me to reroll offensive and defensive artillery rolls (will come in handy), Ginge got he much coveted Banner of Devastating Charge, bastard. Rob got a magic shield that if used with a hand weapon conferes a 5+ ward save, nice. And due to some eveil tactical voting our most useless player and only one to lose their game won the tile we were fighting over (worth 5 relics at the end of the game). Only plus side to this is it gives me and Ginge something else to fight over rather than just to and froing each others lands.

Summer next. I think Im either first of second biggest territory which is nice but I only have a couple of Relics so need to work on that :)

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