Saturday, 18 February 2012

Blood in the Badlands season 1 cont...

Well have had my first 2 games and had 2 wins.

First game was against my nemesis Ginge and was a hard fought victory. It basically came down to trying to kill each others heroes of legend, his Templar Grand Master and my Slaan. So it went down like this, I cast dwellers below with irrisistable force on his unit of Knights, killed 5 PLUS the Grand Master, before he even got to swing his weapon lol. Unfortunatly this then spurred to Ginge to increase his attacks on my Slaan and Temple Guard, 2 cannons and 2 mortars clearly not enough he then cast dwellers below on my Slaan and his unit. I lost a few Temple Guard then my Slaan went to say HI to his mortal enemy in the depths. Unfortunatly for Ginge most of the rest of my army was largely untouched and after his remaining Knights dished out some damage with their great weapons and 2+ saves they eventually were brought down. My comet of cassandora finished off the guns and warmachines leaving me the victor.

Second game was against the Dark Elves of Jason. This was a Storm of Magic game on a tile with a wizards tower so all magic users had Loremaster. This game went horrible at the start, a unit of 12 Skink Skirmishers paniced and took my Chimera with them, he ran/flew off the board and they rallied next turn, stupid Skinks. My magic phases were awful, my first miscast turned all mages into frog and ended my magic phase and it took my Slaan 2 turns to return to normal. Luckily Jasons magic hadn't been too effective and being a newish player his lack of experience went in my favour. By about turn 3 I was ready to throw the towel in but my Slaan decided being a toad was better than being a frog and after a few Lore of Life spells made his unit of Temple Guard so hard to kill a Dragon with 6 attacks and a breath weapon attack managed to do 0 wounds and take 2 back, losing the combat and fleeing only to get run down a turn later as they over ran from the spearmen they over ran into last turn :P
This saw the battle turn around for me as Jasons level 4 died to my Salamanders after being burnt to death on a Fulcrum and his level 2 mage lost her wizard levels, turned into a beast, jumped off a Fulcrum only to get slapped about by my Temple Guard. A win for me but only just.

Next game is against Ginge again, defending my Capital in a Seige/Storm of Magic game. It's going to be hard, he has to shift me from a castle but he does start with 3 Fulcrums to my 1.

Game on

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  1. You shall rue the day you unhorsed me Baron Greenback!

    Sir Ulric