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My Blood in the Badlands Heroes of Legend

These are my 3 heroes of legend for our clubs upcoming Blood in the Badlands campaign, with a little back story explaining why the hell Lizardmen are in the Badlands.

Firstly my Slaan. 2+ Invulnerable save against ranged attacks( he has a larger base than his unit so can be picked out and shot or hit by a bouning cannon ball), can pass his miscast on to an enemy mage on a 2+, loremaster with a "free" power dice added to every spell and the being a BSB gives him access to a magic banner that makes him LD10. The real power house of my army and a Slaan I have run successfully in the past. If he gets charged he will no doubt die and as a BSB he will defiantly die if forced to flee so his protection is priority, thats why he will be for the first time ever in a unit of 20 temple guard who are then LD 10 stubborn on 2d6 taking the lowest with a re-roll.

Lord Tehe-Chuq the Life Giver

Focus of Mystery
The Focused Rumination +50
Divine Plaque of Protection +30
Cupped Hands of the Old Ones +45
Battle Standard Bearer +25
Standard of Discipline +15
Lore of Life

Total - 440

Lord Chuq has been charged with leading the expedition into the lands of men by his fellow Slann on the grounds he is a danger to himself and those around him and needs to put some space between him and Lustria, even if it's only for a year or so. He foretold of the arrival of a "Black" saurus warrior and no one believed him as his reading of the Tablets of the Old Ones has been a bit off in the past (leading to a whole city full of Skaven to be sunk into the sea, except they were not Skaven he got his reading mixed up with a dream about rat-stew. To redeem himself he has promised to help the "Black" saurus complete his task of recovering more Artifacts of the Old Ones from the legendary Floating Fastness. He favours the Lore of Life as a great way to cover minor tactical mistakes by making units tougher, or bringing them back to life.

Secondly the reason my army is here in the Badlands, my "Black" saurus warrior. I'm saying "Black" as he will probably be more a dark grey but hes also been considered a bad omen so been labelled "Black" anyways. I'm making this guy really hard to hit. WS10 means unless your WS5 or more your at -1 to hit, Glittering Scales another -1 to hit plus gives him a 3+ armour save if he does and Aura of Quetzl for another -1 to hit in CC. So if your WS is 4 or lower you need 7s to hit him, anything else your on 6s :P add that to his T5 and 3+ armour save and you got one durable mofo.

Atta-Kar the Dark One

Fencers Blades +35
Glittering Scales +25
Aura of Quetzl +40

Total - 245

An unusual spawning only foreseen by 1 Slaan, just happens to be the only Slaan no one believes in when it comes to foretelling. Atta-Kar was spawned for one reason and that was to lead armies to claim lost relics and artifacts related to the Old Ones. Known for his ability to find even the most well hidden magical artifact and gifted with some of the most potent he has found. His favoured weapons are a pair of man-made swords that allow him to parry and riposte with the speed of a blood crazed vampire, his armour glitters with all the colours of chaos and blind his opponents and his talisman a gift from the Gods further enhances his armours shimmer with an aura of its own. Not a big fan of  war machines and is single minded in making sure his army destroys these fast.

Finally for now my Skink Priest with his Engine of the Gods. I love these as they can seriously ruin your day and they let my Skink add 3 to his casting and dispel attempts instead of 2, can make a big difference. He has to use the lore of heavens which has some nice spells in, comet of cassandora has cost me a fair few of my own units though. With his 2+ armour save for being on the Stegadon and a Dawnstone allowing him re-rolls on armour saves he is surprisingly hard to shift, unless you hit him with a cannon ball (Ginge). These guys are pricey for heroes but you get a monster and the chance to hit all enemy units in 2d6" with d6 S4 hits no armour saves allowed, thats awesome.

Huini-Tli the Storm Caller
(Skink Priest)

Level 2 +35
Dispel Scroll +25
Dawnstone +25
Engine of the Gods +290 (Carried by Botl-Kor)

Total - 440

While no the General of his army Huini is defiantly the brains behind it. He has a great foresight and so was entrusted to help "guide" Lord Chuq and his "Black" saurus to victory in the coming campaign.
Magically he is quite powerful for a skink and is known for calling a comet down off the Vampire coast causing a tidal wave that wiped out a whole Dark Elf raiding fleet and removing the Skaven stink for the surviving local jungle. It has been known to take him days or even weeks to wake up his very Ancient Stegadon Botl-Kor but once aroused there is no stopping this ancient stampeding beast. Has a love of shiny trinkets especially stones of every type and colour.

Now I just have to build some extra units and paint most of my army :P pics up soon

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