Monday, 10 December 2012

It's been a while.....

Ok so I know I don't post very much anymore, parenthood is more time consuming that eating a clock. But I have some time, club isn't playing tonight as our room is in use so I thought I would take the time to review the new Chaos Codex, as someone who plays casually and plays for the fun of playing, not to win tournaments.

I'm only going to review stuff I have used or encountered so this won't be a full review but i will update it in the future as my army and those of my enemies expand.

let me first say I am a little disappointed with it overall. For the first Codex of the new edition I was expecting something full of fluff and character which 6th seemed to bring heaps of to the table, instead it seemed toned down and a bit lack lustre. But it's definitely better than the last one so lets keep it a bit positive.


Sorcerer - Was the first character I put into my army, mastery level 3 with the Mark of Tzeentch. Did ok but I don't think the Tzeentchian spells are as good as they could have been, potentially quite nasty but who wants potentially when you have to pass a LD test, then roll to hit and they can still stop you with Deny the Witch. Still he performs ok for his cost. I think the Nurgle spells will be worth a try one day. Slaanesh spells are ok but work much better against non Marine stat armies. Also the spell familiar is well worth its 15pts, re-roll failed psychic tests means there is less chance of the double 6 killing you.

Daemon Prince - What the hell with the points cost on these guys. They have had a stat boost granted on some things like WS and Initiative but dropped a point of LD, lost Eternal Warrior, got massive points hike, you have to pay 40pts just for wings and 20pts for Power Armour. I used to love my Daemon Princes, I have 4, but with the points cost as they are I would be less likely to use these now in games smaller than 2500 or Apoc. That said with the Axe of Blind Fury if you can get a Khorne Prince into combat you can say good buy to whatever he hits.

Abadon - Dude, just the Dude. He was a good fighter before but now hes just immense. Still pointsy but with the option for a AP2 or AP3 weapon with different abilities whilst still giving you +1 attack for 2 cc weapons you can end up with something like 13 S6 AP3 attacks on the charge or 7 S9 AP2 attacks. Also with the preferred enemy Space Marines on a 12" bubble this guy more than earns his points back, as long as your playing Marines. I did find against Necrons he hits hard but you lose some of his effectiveness as most of the things he hits get back up and your not granting those valuable re-rolls of 1 to hit and wound. Getting him to the fight is a tricky choice too, Landraider is pricey and still wank compared to the Loyalist ones, you charge it at the enemy great but soon as it gets close you can only hit stuff on 1 side because you don't have a machine spirit. Teleporting with Termies for protection while a good shock tactic, deal with him or die next turn, it has many risks as there is no easy way to prevent a nasty scatter.


Cultists - Don't let 20 cultists get hit by 10 Blood Angel Assault Marines, seriously they will die and not even hold them up for a turn, just die. That said they are cheap and as long as you can find some decent models to represent them as the Dark Vengeance ones are poop then you can spam these guys to try and soak up fire or sit back to grab some objectives for you freeing up your more pricey Marines to do what they do best, flee from close combat and get run down. (I will mostly be using Dark Eldar Wyches for my cultists, all have cc weapons and pistols and they can be a foundation for a future army, win win)

Chaos Space Marines - NOT AS GOOD AS LOYALIST MARINES. Blunt I know but I'm now of the opinion that ATSKNF is possibly the best USR as it has no downside and is worth its weight in points. You can pay 25pts to make your Chaosy gits Fearless but if the banner holder dies you have lost it and also being Fearless means you can't go to ground so has its drawbacks. The marks are still useful and at least you keep these now but if you want an effective fighting army then the more you upgrade your guys and make them full of the fluff they deserve the more your losing out as they just get SOOO expensive. I am running a few squads at the mo, a mixed squad of 10 with flamer, melta and power fist, a tank hunter squad in rhino, 10 with 2 meltas and power fist and a man hunter squad with 2 plasma guns and a power weapon my usual escort for Abadon if hes foot slogging. These are still formidable, they are Marines after all but they still lack the punch loyalists can give you just by staying around and fighting to the last man. Veterans of the Long War as well, you have to pay for the LD 10 they used to have with the Champion to offset the lack of ATSKNF but against Marines is well worth paying for, that first round fight is the most important after all.

Restless baby so TBC. . . . . .

Ok so using my phone now and is in HTML which I have no idea how to do anymore.


Chosen - These guys are very versatile and very good at most things. I'm currently running 10 of them with a champion with power fist and 4 flamers in a Rhino. Not too pricey, get em close and watch those flamers toast anything and if you get charged then watch them burn in a wall of flame. If I know I'm up against loyalist marines I will usually take the mark of Slaanesh and vets upgrade, anyone else and Khorne is a good one for sheer damage output. Is handy that abadon makes these troops too. Will have another 10 of these eventually with power sword champion and 4 plasma guns (reason I only use 4 and not the max 5 special weapons is it means I can stagger the squad so there is always cannon fodder in front of the champion and special weapons)

Possessed - A little over priced for what they can do these guys. I have 10 with the mark of Nurgle so can soak up most small arms fire nicely but it is quite hard for these to make their points back unless you send em after enemy elites, which will usually be better in close combat than your Possessed or have a 2+ save so you wont be able to kill them. Still a good unit in a big game but too expensive for a standard pick up in my opinion.

Terminators - I haven't had a chance too play these enough for a proper review but they dont seem to have changed much with the exception of how their melee weapons behave. How many people have been cutting the maces or axes off to replace with swords hmm. I like having a mix do mine are 2 power axes with combi flamers, 2 power mauls with normal combi-Bolters and a champion with powerfist and combi-melta. Will be my bodyguard for Abadon, other than this will probably only use them in Apoc.

Helbrute - Easily one of my new favorite units. Wont kill your own stuff any more. Are cheap and have all the usual Dreadnought options except you can give them vehicle warger. You do get a kind of built in extra armour when you roll on the crazy table. It's only real flaw is that when you roll a 1 or 2 it gets immobilized for a turn to shoot twice, great for my lascannon one not so much for the 2 powerfist one. Worse still if you in melee as you lose an attack and get hit on your rear armour. Still my favorite for now, I will post pick of my custom one when he's painted, soon.

Fast Attack (not used anything here yet)

Heavy Support

Havocs - Not much change with these guys. Same as they were maybe a bit cheaper if you dont add any marks or icons. Can't sniff at 20 point lascannons. I'm using 10 with 4 heavy bolters and another 10 with 4 lascannons. Both chuck out decent firepower and with careful deployment you got some bodies to soak up some fire before you start losing your heavy weapons. You can add mark of nurgle to make these guys much more durable over their loyalist counterparts, bumps the cost up but good against small arms fire and a sneeky assault unit. I would definitely take these over a predator just because they are more survivable and not a lot more expensive.

Defiler - I do love my Defilers. I have 2 made from Soulgrinders as the Defiler kit itself is awful. I'm not too happy about the price increase as they are not much more survivable, mainly to glancing hits but a single penentrating hit can still pop your 200pt walker. The deamon engine upgrade is useful it helps more in melee having an invunerable save than to shooting as I try and keep mine to cover until he's ready to charge. I have both of mine with extra powerfists and just a battle cannon and heavy flamer for range long and short. For 200pts all in mine has the dirge caster too so as long as you charge from 6" away they cant overwatch you and helps out units around you too as this is the vehicle most likely to be in the enemies lines with you combat elements. Defilers don't seem to get much love online but I still like them even if it's just a great platform for your a battle cannon.

Forgefiend - I love these things. I have 1 with 3 ectoplasma cannons and for 200pts you have a unit that can easily earn its points back and more with a good turn of shooting. Terminators and light vehicles should be scared of these, great at taking out multi wound units like Tyranid warriors and your enemy will never live down that unlucky roll for look out sir that sees his nasty but only T4 character nuked. Cant really fault these. They may be 200pts but I find it easier to hide these than Defilers and they seem to earn points back quicker. Have another 1 to build and will be using same weapon load out as it's only BS3 I dont see point in the 2 Hades autocannons as you will only average 4 hits would have been better off making it 1 twin linked weapon at least you be almost garenteed those 4 hits and would be better against flyers. Small side note on Maulerfiends. They should be fast attacks, if they were I would have 3 as they are bloody quick and quite nasty in melee too.

That's it for now until I use some more units and have the money to expand my army.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Blood in the Badlands season 2 . . . .

Well the 3 weeks of gaming are up for this season, I only had 1 game on the last week due to having the largest empire and not getting to pick an oppo. I dont mind though my armies recieved some big points bonuses in the 2 weeks of down time meaning when I got my game it was going to be very one sided.
Unfortunatly although I won it wasnt quite the whitewash I was expecting. I played against Rob who has High Elves. He is getting better but isnt a very experienced player at Warhammer and is still learning his Elves and has thus far hasnt had many victories.

With a 2500 point army VS his 2000 in a Storm of Magic game, which my army has been doing very well in since my first few practice games where I lost badly both times due to not having a good secondary mage.

So with the armies depolyed, my Slaan on foot and a Skink and my Dark Emissary occupying Fulcrums I won the first turn roll off and away we went. First turn for me could have gone better, my regiment of renown (15 Saurus) and the Chimera charged a unit of 21 Swordmasters, it was a case of charge of be charged. Manouvered the rest of my army, 2 units of 3 Salamanders 1 in the middle 1 on the right flank made the biggest moves to get them in flamer range.
Magic phase I rolled ok on dice numbers about 15 or so I think, Shadow was in assendency which my Emissary had but with my unit in CC with Swordmasters I needed to buff them up with Lore of Life via my Slaan. Managed to make them T8 and cast Shield of Thorns on them (which I forgot to roll for at the end of th Magic phase, could have wiped out half the unit FFS). Also knocked a level 2 off the Fulcrum with my Slaan who then took his place to get a dwellers below on the Spearmen hiding in the back, but fluffed it and only killed about 6 or 7. Shooting phase saw a few wounds here and there across Robs army but my Salamanders were limited to what he could hit due to the combat near the middle and me taking the Fulcrum. Combat was brutal, I killed about 6 Swordmasters and Robs general in a challenge with my Hero, largely thanks to being T9 and him needing 6s to hit me as he was carrying the Wind Catcher Prism with Shadow in effect. Robs BSB was near by though and he held his ground and wounded my Chimera quite a bit.

Robs first turn saw his big unit of Spearmen join the combat but only charging the Chimera (which his BSB killed this turn) his manticore flew closer to his central line ready to see off my Salamanders next turn and the rest stayed still to shoot me. Magic saw Life in assendancy, Regen for my Saurus unit then :P but didnt help Rob at all. He got a few minor spells off but made me chuck 9 dice to stop Let the Four Winds Blow as he rolled in the 30's without a bloody double 6. Shooting saw my Skink on Fulcrum take a wound and my Salamanders get softened up. The only combat saw my Chimera die before he could eat anyone and 1 of my Saurus fall (only to get back up as I rolled 1 6 for a regen save) but with the bonus of the Spearmen ranks he won the combat but my Slaan being nearby and LD 10 and a BSB meant I wasnt going anywere yet.

Turn 2 for me was largly uneventful, I tried to stop the newly reformed Spearmen from charging in by blocking them with Skink Skirmishers (but my Slaan Dwellered so many this turn that the unit shrunk enough to get in, bugger). Magic phase saw Heavens in assendancy, no good for Slaan who miscast twice but failed to make my Saurus T8 again (did ignore both miscasts though, and I forgot to do Shield of Thorns again, grrr). Shooting wasnt great as my Salamanders were avoiding being charged of chasing wounded mages and fluffing the shooting. Combat saw my Saurus take heavy casualties as I had no T buff and just got to reroll my 1s this turn :(. They stayed though even with only a few left.

Robs turn in came the Spearmen and BSB. Manticore charged a unit of Salamanders (ate them good too). Magic phase was bad one for Rob. Dispelled Shield of Thorns, for all the good it was doing and didnt manage to cast much that I couldnt stop. Shooting saw a few wounds spread across my army, my Skink Priest having last turn swapped Fulcrums on a miscast took a lot of shooting but no wounds.
Combat saw Robs BSB cut my Hero down and the Saurus unit finished off by the combined might of 2 units. Just as well I have another unit right behind to take their place :P and with only 3 Swordmasters left should be easy win (it was).

Turns 3 and 4 saw that combat go my way and then the Spearmen join in, flee and get run down :P
Magic was pitiful for both of us mostly, a well timed Four Winds saw some of Robs units take heavy wounds a mage die. Magic Missiles finished off another and by turn 4s end Rob conceded due to having no magic users and only a few archers and 2 Bolt Throwers left.

My army took more damage than it should have and I wasted a unit of 30 Saurus on a flank they didnt need to be on, but they did keep the Manticore away I suppose. Note to self, must do better and remember things like at the end of phase spells and thunderstomps.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Blood in the Badlands season 1 cont . . . . .

Well thats the Spring season wrapped up.

My 3rd game for this was a Seige of Magic game (Storm of Magic and Seige) against my nemesis for this campaign Ginge.

He attacked my Capital because the Floating Fastness was nearby and any SoM games we play give you an automatic relic, win or lose. And lose he did in quite spectacular fashion.
Me being the defender had to deploy first. I only had 1 Arcane Fulcrum I could start with but to keep his mages alive and safe from my Salamanders (who could shoot twice each before the game started) he only started with 1 Fulcrum too as the others were close to my castle walls. He deployed his knights right on the edge of my 18" threat range, or so he though turns out they were about 16" away from the wall and my closest unit of Salamanders got a lot of hits on them killing lots with their -3 armour save modifier.
Things didnt go well for Ginge really the whole way through. He kept his army well back on the first turn, he had a "plan". First magic phase wasnt that effective although his Fire mage did fireball barrage the crap out of my Salamanders killing 2 due to the rerolls to wound for it being fire and me being in a building. My magic phase wasnt much more useful and I had very little range attacks as he had kept his army back. My Chimera did manage to charge out of the gate and attack the Fire mage but his 3+ ward save kept him alive.
Second turn really ended the game for Ginge. A miscast result on a spell that had little effect on me meant I could cast a spel for free of up to 4d6. I rolled 24 :) but eventually chose to cast a measly 15 value spell, Let the Four Winds Blow. Knocked 2 of his mages off Fulcrums, killing 1 and knocked a unit of Flagellents into another mage killing him. Also pushed his kights back towards the edge of the board again :P
Turn 3 was the mop up turn. Ginge refused to charge the castle as he didnt want me to use my Giant that Ive never got into combat yet :( and he only had 2 mages left, 1 was too far away to do anything useful and the other was in the unit refusing to charge my walls. I had little movement just re-arrange some of my units on the walls and moved a unit out to threaten the unit refusing to charge me. Magic phase was useful as I again pushed his army away from the castle, and his knights were blocked now by a Fulcrum i decided to place in front of them, they played little part in the game from now apart from his Templar Grand Master killing a mage I stupidly moved on that Fulcrum, and 1 hitting my Chimera that charged his units flank.
Turn 4 and 5 was basically me moping up what was left of Ginges army. I felt bad for him he didnt even get to assault the castle and my Regiment of Renown he almost wiped up I fully restored to life meaning he had only killed about 6 models by the end of the game.

Last game of the season was a big battle with my Team (order players) defending a castle against the other team (destruction and a neutral).
I was defending the castle with 1 of the High Elf players, Rob. We were attacked by Ogres and Orcs and Goblins. The underground board was High Elves, Rich F vs Dark Elves, Scott with Scott the winner allowing what was left of his army to arrive on our main board behind the castle walls on turn 3. The watch tower mission was Ginge defending against Jasons Dark Elves with Ginge the winner allowing what little was left of his army to arrive outside the castle on our turn 3.
Me and Rob did well to hold 90% of the castle until help arrived, only losing 1 tower to Man Easters and 1 wall to a unit of bloody Squigs which are nasty, nasty. I took that wall back and Ginge arrived just in time to stop the Ogres outside making a play for it, as it was breached and my unit was half strength they had a good chance. By the end of the game we had held on to all 3 objectives, Scotts Dark Elves arrived to late to make any useful difference only to draw some of our reserve forces back towards the castle interior to block him charging the walls.

Victory for Order. We all won a handful of relics though, winners and losers get d3. I walked away with a seige tailsman allowing me to reroll offensive and defensive artillery rolls (will come in handy), Ginge got he much coveted Banner of Devastating Charge, bastard. Rob got a magic shield that if used with a hand weapon conferes a 5+ ward save, nice. And due to some eveil tactical voting our most useless player and only one to lose their game won the tile we were fighting over (worth 5 relics at the end of the game). Only plus side to this is it gives me and Ginge something else to fight over rather than just to and froing each others lands.

Summer next. I think Im either first of second biggest territory which is nice but I only have a couple of Relics so need to work on that :)

Saturday, 18 February 2012

More Lizardmen painted

Scar-Veteran battle standard bearer

Saurus Old-Blood

Skink Chief on Ancient Stegadon and on foot

Blood in the Badlands season 1 cont...

Well have had my first 2 games and had 2 wins.

First game was against my nemesis Ginge and was a hard fought victory. It basically came down to trying to kill each others heroes of legend, his Templar Grand Master and my Slaan. So it went down like this, I cast dwellers below with irrisistable force on his unit of Knights, killed 5 PLUS the Grand Master, before he even got to swing his weapon lol. Unfortunatly this then spurred to Ginge to increase his attacks on my Slaan and Temple Guard, 2 cannons and 2 mortars clearly not enough he then cast dwellers below on my Slaan and his unit. I lost a few Temple Guard then my Slaan went to say HI to his mortal enemy in the depths. Unfortunatly for Ginge most of the rest of my army was largely untouched and after his remaining Knights dished out some damage with their great weapons and 2+ saves they eventually were brought down. My comet of cassandora finished off the guns and warmachines leaving me the victor.

Second game was against the Dark Elves of Jason. This was a Storm of Magic game on a tile with a wizards tower so all magic users had Loremaster. This game went horrible at the start, a unit of 12 Skink Skirmishers paniced and took my Chimera with them, he ran/flew off the board and they rallied next turn, stupid Skinks. My magic phases were awful, my first miscast turned all mages into frog and ended my magic phase and it took my Slaan 2 turns to return to normal. Luckily Jasons magic hadn't been too effective and being a newish player his lack of experience went in my favour. By about turn 3 I was ready to throw the towel in but my Slaan decided being a toad was better than being a frog and after a few Lore of Life spells made his unit of Temple Guard so hard to kill a Dragon with 6 attacks and a breath weapon attack managed to do 0 wounds and take 2 back, losing the combat and fleeing only to get run down a turn later as they over ran from the spearmen they over ran into last turn :P
This saw the battle turn around for me as Jasons level 4 died to my Salamanders after being burnt to death on a Fulcrum and his level 2 mage lost her wizard levels, turned into a beast, jumped off a Fulcrum only to get slapped about by my Temple Guard. A win for me but only just.

Next game is against Ginge again, defending my Capital in a Seige/Storm of Magic game. It's going to be hard, he has to shift me from a castle but he does start with 3 Fulcrums to my 1.

Game on

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Blood in the Badlands season 1

So the campaign has started (amidst some confusion as there are some grey areas in the campaign book).

The armies and players are

Me - Lizardmen
Ginge - Empire
Neil - Ogre Kingdoms
Rob - High Elves
Rich F - High Elves
Scott - Dark Elves
Jason - Dark Elves

Bit of a pain having an odd number but we will work around that and modify what we need to. Shame we didnt have more of a mix of armies too, 4 Elf players is pain but they all play very different lists so should be ok in the long run.
My first game is against my enemy Ginge and his not so mighty Empire (haha). For my random event roll I got a naff result so used my wizard tower ability (which all my cities have) to reverse the numbers letting me move one of his armies right next to my capital for my Slaans army to hopefully crush and route early on taking them out of this seasons fighting. It may have seemed silly me picking a very experienced player to be my enemy and going for his throat right away but looking at the other players we have I thought it only fair we duke it out to allow some of the less experienced guys to expand their borders a bit.

Weirdly we both have the same ally, Neils Ogres and they are staying well out of this one, which is good for as since the new army book for Ogres Neils been doing much better than in the past and until I can add a few units to my army I may struggle against his Mournfang and bastard Ironblasters (thats another army that can instant kill my Stegadons).

Have just finished my first unit of Saurus and will post pics when I have finished their bases and movement tray.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

My Blood in the Badlands Heroes of Legend

These are my 3 heroes of legend for our clubs upcoming Blood in the Badlands campaign, with a little back story explaining why the hell Lizardmen are in the Badlands.

Firstly my Slaan. 2+ Invulnerable save against ranged attacks( he has a larger base than his unit so can be picked out and shot or hit by a bouning cannon ball), can pass his miscast on to an enemy mage on a 2+, loremaster with a "free" power dice added to every spell and the being a BSB gives him access to a magic banner that makes him LD10. The real power house of my army and a Slaan I have run successfully in the past. If he gets charged he will no doubt die and as a BSB he will defiantly die if forced to flee so his protection is priority, thats why he will be for the first time ever in a unit of 20 temple guard who are then LD 10 stubborn on 2d6 taking the lowest with a re-roll.

Lord Tehe-Chuq the Life Giver

Focus of Mystery
The Focused Rumination +50
Divine Plaque of Protection +30
Cupped Hands of the Old Ones +45
Battle Standard Bearer +25
Standard of Discipline +15
Lore of Life

Total - 440

Lord Chuq has been charged with leading the expedition into the lands of men by his fellow Slann on the grounds he is a danger to himself and those around him and needs to put some space between him and Lustria, even if it's only for a year or so. He foretold of the arrival of a "Black" saurus warrior and no one believed him as his reading of the Tablets of the Old Ones has been a bit off in the past (leading to a whole city full of Skaven to be sunk into the sea, except they were not Skaven he got his reading mixed up with a dream about rat-stew. To redeem himself he has promised to help the "Black" saurus complete his task of recovering more Artifacts of the Old Ones from the legendary Floating Fastness. He favours the Lore of Life as a great way to cover minor tactical mistakes by making units tougher, or bringing them back to life.

Secondly the reason my army is here in the Badlands, my "Black" saurus warrior. I'm saying "Black" as he will probably be more a dark grey but hes also been considered a bad omen so been labelled "Black" anyways. I'm making this guy really hard to hit. WS10 means unless your WS5 or more your at -1 to hit, Glittering Scales another -1 to hit plus gives him a 3+ armour save if he does and Aura of Quetzl for another -1 to hit in CC. So if your WS is 4 or lower you need 7s to hit him, anything else your on 6s :P add that to his T5 and 3+ armour save and you got one durable mofo.

Atta-Kar the Dark One

Fencers Blades +35
Glittering Scales +25
Aura of Quetzl +40

Total - 245

An unusual spawning only foreseen by 1 Slaan, just happens to be the only Slaan no one believes in when it comes to foretelling. Atta-Kar was spawned for one reason and that was to lead armies to claim lost relics and artifacts related to the Old Ones. Known for his ability to find even the most well hidden magical artifact and gifted with some of the most potent he has found. His favoured weapons are a pair of man-made swords that allow him to parry and riposte with the speed of a blood crazed vampire, his armour glitters with all the colours of chaos and blind his opponents and his talisman a gift from the Gods further enhances his armours shimmer with an aura of its own. Not a big fan of  war machines and is single minded in making sure his army destroys these fast.

Finally for now my Skink Priest with his Engine of the Gods. I love these as they can seriously ruin your day and they let my Skink add 3 to his casting and dispel attempts instead of 2, can make a big difference. He has to use the lore of heavens which has some nice spells in, comet of cassandora has cost me a fair few of my own units though. With his 2+ armour save for being on the Stegadon and a Dawnstone allowing him re-rolls on armour saves he is surprisingly hard to shift, unless you hit him with a cannon ball (Ginge). These guys are pricey for heroes but you get a monster and the chance to hit all enemy units in 2d6" with d6 S4 hits no armour saves allowed, thats awesome.

Huini-Tli the Storm Caller
(Skink Priest)

Level 2 +35
Dispel Scroll +25
Dawnstone +25
Engine of the Gods +290 (Carried by Botl-Kor)

Total - 440

While no the General of his army Huini is defiantly the brains behind it. He has a great foresight and so was entrusted to help "guide" Lord Chuq and his "Black" saurus to victory in the coming campaign.
Magically he is quite powerful for a skink and is known for calling a comet down off the Vampire coast causing a tidal wave that wiped out a whole Dark Elf raiding fleet and removing the Skaven stink for the surviving local jungle. It has been known to take him days or even weeks to wake up his very Ancient Stegadon Botl-Kor but once aroused there is no stopping this ancient stampeding beast. Has a love of shiny trinkets especially stones of every type and colour.

Now I just have to build some extra units and paint most of my army :P pics up soon