Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Return of Noveltyboy

Well I have not touched my blog in a while, life got in the way and my blog layout was fustrating me and I could not stay signed in to google account meaning I would have to re-sign in every page I went to, even on my own blog.

Well I have desided that having a baby and hardly any free time is not reason enough to do some things and share my pointlessness with the world :P

I have had a bit of a re-design as the next thing I will be mostly doing is a Blood in the Badlands campaign with my Lizardmen army. So it will all be on here and as this is the first warhamme campaign I have been a part of for me at least this will be interesting.

I will be putting up pics of stuff I have painted and hopefully some of my games too along with some info about how I am doing and some fluff for my characters and Regiments of Renown.

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