Saturday, 31 December 2011

Goodbye 2011

So end of this year which has been eventful. I didnt get as many games in as  I wanted but I still got a fair few. I didn't record some of them, like my Apoc and Tourney games just pick up ones and here's a rough list of what and who beat me.

40k mostly 2000 point games unless stated otherwise


vs Ginge/Guard - W
vs Dan/Dark Eldar - W
vs Ginge/Orks - L (x2 games)
vs Rich F/Tau - L


vs Rob/Space Wolves - D
vs Tim/Eldar - W
vs Scott/Tyranids - L
vs Neil/Grey Knight - L
vs Tim/Blood Angels - W

Space Wolves

vs Ginge/Guard - W (combat patrol 500pts)
vs Dan/Dark Eldar - W (combat patrol 500pts)
vs Rich A/Chaos - W
vs Scott/Tyranids - W
vs Neil/Grey Knights - D (x2 games)
vs Rob/space Wolves - D
vs Ginge/Guard - L (1000pts)
vs Rich P/Grey Knights - W
vs Rich F/Tau - D
vs Dan/Dark Eldar - W
vs Rob/Guard - W
vs Rich A/Guard - L



vs Ginge/Tomb Kings - W 2500pts
vs Ginge/Empire - W 2400pts
vs Neil/Ogres - W 2500pts
                       - W 2500pts
                       - D 2500pts
vs Rich P/Chaos - W 2000pts (2x games)
vs Stu/Orcs - W 2000pts
vs Gary/Beastmen - L 2250pts
vs Tim/Vampire Counts - W 1600pts
vs Dan/Wood Elves - W 3000pts
vs Scott/Dark Elves and Tim/Vampire Counts - W 4000pts (2000pts each VS me)
vs Stu/Tomb Kings - W 2500pts

Well there it is minus some random extra games. Good year for my Lizardmen against a whole host of armies, even the newer books like Ogres but that fight is getting harder since the inclusion of big god cannons and monsters that make my Stegadons look like baby dinosaurs.

Space Wolves continue to perform well with my Tau a bit of a let down and my Chaos looking forward to their new codex soon hopefully.

Happy new year gamers lets hope 2012 6th ed brings something exciting to the gaming scene.


  1. Ha I've just writtena similar post myself, and saw yours.

    A balanced year between you and I (much better than last year) maybe next year will be MY year :oP

  2. Yeah I think I did much better at Fantasy this year than 40k, largely on the backs on my Slaan and Salamanders of Doom. Looking forward to what 6th brings to 40k hopefully some balance and character rather than everyone running around with simular lists as thats the only way certain armies can be played to be competetive. Also need to fin our Dreadfleet campaign now Im on a bit of a winning streak :P

  3. Two in a row isn't a streak, six is a streak :oP

  4. Well you pissed all over that anyways, Dreadfleet dice and card Gods hate me :( fucking Magazine