Sunday, 5 June 2011

Blog woes

I'm having some trouble logging in to my blog and with the layout, it's just become really awkward to put picture on and I have no idea why as when I started it was really easy to get the layout you wanted and everything and now its just gone to shit so I dont know how much longer I'm going to bother with this as it's just not fun anymore, swearing at my computer when picture disappear and I can't have the actual layout i want, just what I can manage to fit in.

I was going to to the next part of my TOEG saga but am not in the mood now, may do it later in the week.


  1. Has your default setting gone from "Edit HTML" to "Compose" or vice versa? If you're using the one you're not familiar with it might well throw you completely off...

  2. Just checked mine I'm not having any problems posting in either format :o/

  3. I have no idea what that means?