Sunday, 5 June 2011

Blog woes

I'm having some trouble logging in to my blog and with the layout, it's just become really awkward to put picture on and I have no idea why as when I started it was really easy to get the layout you wanted and everything and now its just gone to shit so I dont know how much longer I'm going to bother with this as it's just not fun anymore, swearing at my computer when picture disappear and I can't have the actual layout i want, just what I can manage to fit in.

I was going to to the next part of my TOEG saga but am not in the mood now, may do it later in the week.

Tale of 8 Gamers: Space Wolves phase 2

 Vindicator                                                                   Drop Pod and Vindicator

            Drop Pod                                                                    Logan Grimnar

            Logan Grimnar                                                             Blood Claws

        Next phase will be
        5 Wolfguard - 4 Terminators and 1 Power Armour
        Lone Wolf - Terminator Armour
        Ulrik the Slayer

            Blood Claws