Friday, 1 April 2011

The Saga of Njal: In the distance. . . . .

The shadows of flickering flames danced over the walls.

The spirit walk had taken a lot out of him and still Njal could not find the answers he sought. He would not let his Lord down, the answer had to be somewhere, he just could not find it yet.

My Lord Grimnar. . . .

The initial deployment of forces has gone well. Several of my packs have been sent out with fire support and guidance from either Rune of Wolf Priest and only a few had encountered anything so far.

On the second day Forseti and his band was ambushed by as yet an unknown human force. No one seemed to be able to identify their uniforms or markings using Imperial records. They suffered casualties but nothing that would keep them from planetside for more than a few days.

Brokk and his band came under fierce attack from a Xeno force, most likely Dark Eldar although little remained of the raiders ambush before reinforcements arrived to make a full identification. The damage to the packs armour and the speed of the attack then retreat with no prior warning would seem to indicate the use the advanced portal technology favoured by these evil and cowardly scum.

It seems almost like someone has been expecting us and has guided certain elements to slow our advance. Still I see shadows.

I am sending down some heavy armour and I have some Bloodclaw packs on standby to drop where the fighting becomes thickest. I regret as yet that we do not know what to look for, but seeing as there are other forces at play here I fear it would be unwise to discontinue our search.

Our chapter has a proud history and I will not sully this with failure.

Next commuication in 7 days. For Russ and the Allfather Njal out.

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