Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Tale of 8 Gamers: Space Wolves

For this TOEG I shall mostly be doin my Space Wolves army. As there are so many different armies involed its going to be harder to make a consistant story line for why each army is fighting so instead I am going to do Sagas for squads and characters.

This might not be for every unit in my army and some sagas may contain more than 1 unit, so I might be doing a story about my Rune Priest but include my Vindicator in it and a Grey Hunter pack he is running with at the time.

You may have already noticed the painted Grey Hunter pack on my Blog, these are my test unit and so the rest of the army will be based on these (and in their place I am going to paint Grimnar to represent Bjorn Stormwolf) with some slight variations. Mainly this will be weapons, so my Long Fangs weapons will be black, my Blood Claws (and in future Sky and Swift Claws) will be red and my Wolf Guard will be yellow (ochre) and the characters will be variations of these depending on who they will mostly be assigned to in game.

First period (2 months) I am painting up

5 Long Fangs - 4x Missile Launcher
Razorback - Twin Linked Lascannon
10 grey Hunters - Power Weapon, Wolf Standard, 2x Flamer
Rune Priest - Runic Armour, Melta Bombs, Wolf Tooth Necklace

More to come soon


  1. I'm struggling for storyline ideas myself it has to be said... the peril of doing a tribute army, most of the background is already written. I can do a few pop culture tongue in cheek references but I'm gonna struggle when it comes to an actual storyline...

  2. Is a bit of a dilema for you lol, you can rewrite star wars i suppose, cant do a worse job than Lucas. Or you could do it as a parallel story line with some pop references to whats going on in a galaxy far far away

  3. *chuckle* oh I've so just had a cool idea pop into my head for a line in a battle report, pity I can't use it till phase two... must write it down somewhere :oP

  4. I think I'm going to struggle to write a story from a tyranids perspective. Don't think it's been done before.

  5. lots of spurge and rarrr and eeeks lol, you could do it from an outsider point of view, like those people who follow the borg and the borg ignore them as they are no threat, same kinda thing like distant observers who can mask themselves from the nids but chart what they do for research

  6. That's a bloody good idea there Rich... who are you and what have you done with Rich? :oP