Sunday, 13 February 2011

Lizard Swarms

Finished these a while ago just didnt get round to photographing them. Put plenty of greenery on the bases as A. the models arent molded very well and B. makes them look like the small lizards and snakes that they are. Dont use them in game very often normally as a points filler or if I am taking Lore of Life I might add them as toughness 6 and 5 attacks each with stubborn can be quite hard to shift.


  1. Looking cool.

    Speaking of basing material, did you say you had some forest style stuff for me? Almost ready to base my Tale of Eight Gamers stuff...

  2. yes i will bring them on monday with some bits i have for dan too

  3. I presume you mean next monday, cos I thought you said you weren't down tonight :oP neither is Dan for that matter :oP