Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Saga of Njal: Vlka Fenryka hunt again

Is his dream Stormcaller could see the outline, dark, round and distant. There was something about this planet that caught his eye. No wait! It was not a planet at all but a shadow where a planet should be. This shadow was a glimpse of the future, what could be or what will be he could not tell, only that he must go there. As the fleet dropped out of warp close the the edge of the system Njal felt uneasy. It was like something pressing on his mind adding weight to his already troubled thoughts. Dark things were approaching and he felt like the fate of this system was in the balance. Although on the fringes of Imperial space and in the path of a Tyranid splinter fleet this system held a huge deposit of raw materials that could greatly aid the Imperial warmachine in this sector. War does not come cheap and no one make war like the Imperium. Soon they would make planetfall on the 4th planet in the system, there was something there, something Njal could not see directly but it flitted in and of the corner of his vision. He must know what it is and if it can help the Wolves keep this part of Space in Imperial hands. He would send out a scouting party to locate whatever it was calling to him before committing a larger force to secure the planet. There were a few settlements on the hololith display, pre Dark Age settlements judging by the size and the level of technology. While not a military threat sometimes Chaos would use these colonies that still clung to the old ways as a gateway, they would have to be dealt with either by Priest or by Bolter. The Skalds will sing of this of that he is sure. Now the only thing he can do is make sure they sing of victory and honour, not defeat and failure. The Saga begins. . . . . .

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Tale of 8 Gamers: Space Wolves

For this TOEG I shall mostly be doin my Space Wolves army. As there are so many different armies involed its going to be harder to make a consistant story line for why each army is fighting so instead I am going to do Sagas for squads and characters.

This might not be for every unit in my army and some sagas may contain more than 1 unit, so I might be doing a story about my Rune Priest but include my Vindicator in it and a Grey Hunter pack he is running with at the time.

You may have already noticed the painted Grey Hunter pack on my Blog, these are my test unit and so the rest of the army will be based on these (and in their place I am going to paint Grimnar to represent Bjorn Stormwolf) with some slight variations. Mainly this will be weapons, so my Long Fangs weapons will be black, my Blood Claws (and in future Sky and Swift Claws) will be red and my Wolf Guard will be yellow (ochre) and the characters will be variations of these depending on who they will mostly be assigned to in game.

First period (2 months) I am painting up

5 Long Fangs - 4x Missile Launcher
Razorback - Twin Linked Lascannon
10 grey Hunters - Power Weapon, Wolf Standard, 2x Flamer
Rune Priest - Runic Armour, Melta Bombs, Wolf Tooth Necklace

More to come soon

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Lizard Swarms

Finished these a while ago just didnt get round to photographing them. Put plenty of greenery on the bases as A. the models arent molded very well and B. makes them look like the small lizards and snakes that they are. Dont use them in game very often normally as a points filler or if I am taking Lore of Life I might add them as toughness 6 and 5 attacks each with stubborn can be quite hard to shift.

Salamders second unit

Have not been posting much as have been building and painting (playing xbox) but heres a few more Lozardmen units I have finished recently.

Went for a darker look with these Salamanders to make them stand out a little from the army, they tend to draw a lot of attention in the game anyways due to being one of the best unit killers in Warhammer.