Sunday, 7 November 2010

Space Wolves Grey Hunters complete

Took me a few months but finally finished them to what I think is one of the highest standards I have painted any of my units. Problem is I then spray varnished them and it frosted ruining the models. I managed to use a wash of 'ardcoat to get most of it back to normal and paint some back to normal but its not perfect and is a little disappointing. I'm not looking forward to drybrushing my tanks with the grey as I have trouble doing large areas so any tips on that would be appreciated.


  1. They do look pretty awesome mate. Going to have to make a start on my wolves soon.

  2. They look good mate. :o)

    You're doing Wolves too? What's the matter? Want a power armoured army that's good in assault? Spoiled you are! :oP