Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Space Wolves Grey Hunters complete

Took me a few months but finally finished them to what I think is one of the highest standards I have painted any of my units. Problem is I then spray varnished them and it frosted ruining the models. I managed to use a wash of 'ardcoat to get most of it back to normal and paint some back to normal but its not perfect and is a little disappointing. I'm not looking forward to drybrushing my tanks with the grey as I have trouble doing large areas so any tips on that would be appreciated.

Painting Competition Entry

This will most likely be what I paint up for the Painting Comp at the http://www.hammernales.co.uk/ Club Im a member of. I was considering entering my Space Wolves (next post) but unfortunatly the Purity Seal varnish went wrong and ruined them, I have managed to recover most of the lost paintjob but it's not to the standard they were painted to originally. Needless to say I was a little upset. Anyways this is my Daemon Prince of Slaanesh, as you can see I have given him a Greater Daemon head as the one(s) he is supplied with just dont seem to be big enough for his body, he looks like a BeetleJuice extra. I havent glued it on as its kinda big and limits where I can get too. The base I made using some Bloodletter Swords trimmed and a skull from the Arcane Ruins set to make a Chaos Star and it helped to make the Prince stand in a better stance as his tabbard hangs a little close to the ground if you just have him flat footed. I like it. Had my metal Prince in the baskground to see size comparison but that pic came out crap and I couldnt be bothered to redo it as charging batteries, there is big diff in size though. Lets hop the non metallic metals paintjob on a pink model works out lol.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

True LOS may have ruined my plans!!!

Just a quick post to see what the 2 other people who read my blog think.

I was considering getting a Vampire Count army in the future after I have finished my Wolves and Lizardmen but my plan to make it a nice good to look at army has made me think about how true LOS will affect this. If I wanted to place say for instance my Varghulf on a nice scenic base like a collapsed pillar or big rock to make him stand out and look cool, I would actually be screwing myself over in game terms. I now have to choose whether I want him to look good on the table or be safe from mass enemy shooting, which I don't think any gamer should have to do. With Fantasy being a more tactical game each unit being assigned a role to achieve to earn their points back or make them worth the point investment the last thing I want is my oppo being able to shoot things more easily because I have placed them above the height of most of my army. You rarely have points fillers in Fantasy at least less than you do in 40k so my 100 - 200 point monster normally standing about the same as cavalry height would be able to be shot by anything that's in range due to true LOS so now I dont think I want to make him look suitable awesome by making his base cool. Other systems use TLOS but now I think it does not suit WHFB as much as I first thought. You don't have big metal boxes (tanks) like you do in 40k which have little movement other than forwards and backwards, instead you have living creature which bend and flex and move all around. Now Warmachine represents this by having a volume and only 3 base sizes. Small bases take up block the size of the base and 1.25" up, medium bases 2" up and large 2.75" up (this is possibly slightly wrong but I cant be arsed to go get the rulebook and it gives you the gist). Now this system while a little more complex lends itself more to the flexible nature of living models and helps you imagine the movement they clearly dot have as inanimate objects. I'm not saying this would work in WHFB but I dont think TLOS works either IF you want people to be more creative and put some effort into putting the army centre pieces on impressive bases.

Anyway this is just 1 mans opinion but I do think its something GW should have taken into account as it seems the choice between game-ability and look-ability is an unfair one we should not have to make. I wouldn't want my Vargulf dying to shooting every game just because I wanted him to stand out and have nothing big enough to give him some cover.