Monday, 25 October 2010

Help Help I'm being repressed ! ! !

I'm not really, but now I have your attention.

Just a few thoughts about how my Lizardmen army is playing with the models I currently have and the tactics I'm using.

Lets start with Mr.Slaan (see picture left for what appears to be an old one???) I think you need a Slaan unless you want to get bummed in the magic phase. Skink Priests have to use Lore of Heavens, Slaan can use any so gives you many more options to fill gaps in your army. I have been heavily using the Lore of Life as it allows you to make even a lowly swarm a T6 monster (for a turn). It also allows me to protect and bring back to life my smaller more expensive units, Kroxigors and Salamanders and Dwellers Bellow can devastate a unit so adds some serious damage. I also use Cupped Hands of the Old Ones and try for a miscast on my first spells, then on a 2+ give it to an enemy mages. For 45 points you cant go wrong with this although its one use only it hasn't failed me yet. I have been taking Focus of Mystery (Loremaster so know all the spells of picked Lore, kinda essential) and as I don't have my Temple Guard built yet I have been taking Higher State of Consciousness so he is Ethereal and Focused Rumination so he gets a free power dice on each spell cast, great if you only roll 2 - 6 power in a turn. All in all I love my Slaan, hes only died once and hes even charged and seen off a unit in combat, a handgunners detachment but that's not the point lol. Making him your BSB is also great and opens up many new tricks, like Standard of Discipline (makes him LD 10 but he cant use the Generals LD, oh noo hahaha he is the General) so your army becomes that mush harder to make run but the Slann a bigger point sink and target.

Next has to be Skink heroes. Priests are good mainly for one thing and that is they can bring the Engine of the Gods with them (albeit at 290 points and its useless if they die). The Engine is awesome for 2 main reasons, 1 it tends to draw most of the fire from your enemy leaving the larger part of your army unscathed, 2 it can give all units within 12" a 5+ ward save against range attacks as long as the originate at least 12" from the Engine. Awesome when my army can really only shoot about 12" so as long as the engine stays behind them they get the save. Also it does some other stuff, can make your Priest cast spells and dispels with +1 too which is I suppose is nice. Now stick a Chief on it and you have a different monster altogether. Stegadon Warspear is kind of a must have though, its 50 points but gives you 2d6 impact hits and makes them magical so you could even crush a beefed up Black Coach (or a sneaky Slaan) and in addition it counts as a lance so your Chief on the charge gets 3 strength 6 attacks, not too shabby. The main downside is cost, these both come in around the 400 mark limiting you to taking maybe 1 more Priest or a cheap scar-veteran in smaller games.

Core units, I mainly use Skink Skirmishers in units of 12 ( you get 24 in a box ) I have 4 units at 90 points each with the Brave, who's mainly there to take a challenge and die rather than me losing half the unit. These are great for speed and standing and shooting but they suffer from low BS meaning most of the time if you fire 2 shots with the blowpipes you need 6 (poisoned though so you don't have to roll to wound) but if you move, fire 2 shots and happen to be long range or the target has any added modifiers you pretty much cant hit anything, I would like to see blowpipes have the quick to fire rule but I don't think that's going to happen any time soon or at all. My other core has been 15 saurus in 2000 points to make the army legal and give my enemy something to avoid. Saurus are great for the points (11). twice now they have seen off a large unit of Empire with 1 or 2 heroes in the front rank and taken minimal casualties. The combo of T4 and 4+ save and with the parry rule now a 6+ ward in combat makes them a very effective unit for holding buildings or a flank on their own. In the future I will be taking a unit of 30 probably with spears just to add that massive punch, 5 ranks of 6 gives me 29 S4 attacks if the whole front rank and the Champion is in b2b but they lose the 6+ ward save in combat but as they have more numbers I'm not too fussed about this 4+ armour is still way good for a core unit.

My specials I have only really used Kroxigors for now although I will be using my new Cold One Cavalry today to test them out, I have 10 but am only using 7 as they are 35 points each. The Kroxigors have 1 main weakness in the they are twice the size of a Saurus and yet they have the same strength and toughness?? They have 4+ save and 3 wounds but due to the 55 points cost each its hard to field a decent amount that can survive long enough to hit back. That said the few times I have got them into a flank charge they have won me those combats as my enemy is limited to what can hit them so combat resolution normally goes their way.

Rares, now the choices are really only Salamanders and Ancient Stegadons. The Razordons I play tested and just didn't hit hard enough, with only an artillery's worth of S4 hits and then you still need to roll to hit at BS3 I just don't think they hit enough and although they are great at stand and shoot (3 of them is potentially 60 shots) at 75 points each its too much to risk they might halt the unit charging them but more likely die. I would only take the Ancient in bigger games as I think they are better with a Character mounted on but the Salamanders are defo my UNIT OF CHOICE bu ba na na. They constantly perform above par and yes they are 75 points each but having a unit of 2 on each flank with the 12" march and still shoot up to 18" with a flamer template you would be silly to not take them. They shot only has to do 1 wound and you force a panic check too and with a S3 -3 armour save template you cant go wrong. The only units they tend not to have much effect on are small high toughness ones like ogres, but if you cast a spell that drops their LD by 3 and then hit them you too can win your game on turn 2 as 16 Ogre Bulls and a Tyrant and Bruiser BSB run off the board lol.

So that's my roundup of the units I have used thus far. I am really enjoying using my Lizardmen as they play very different to my High Elves. Its not a comprehensive list of the whole army but I cant have an opinion on things I haven't played yet ( some gamer/blogger don't seem to understand this fact). I have a pretty good win ratio with my Lizardmen, think its like W12 L5 now and unless my opponent tailors a little towards fighting my style of army I tend to come out on top.


  1. I'm not tailoring tonight, I'm still playtesting things. Don't know if you guys have noticed but the armies I'm testing have either been gunline or in your face - very little in the way of balance. That's cos I was testing ALL the shooty stuff to see which ones I liked best, and am now testing the combat stuff to see what works... I'll work on synergy in my head, want to keep you guys on your toes for the tournament.

    With such heavily stacked one way armies you tend to win big (Teclis getting a cannonball to the face game) or lose big. I'm betting on the latter given you've been such a pain in the arse jinx for me this year!

  2. Well my "winning" formula for my army is falling apart when testing new things, seems I peaked too early and now people know what to expect as the other stuff doesnt seem to work. Am pleased how well my Cold Ones did, 3 of them wiping out a unit on the charge isnt to be sniffed at and is a testament to the power of the rear charge.