Saturday, 18 September 2010

Fantasy Scenery

Bits for the club I painted. Pissed off that the blog wont let me do 2 columns unless I use the smaller pictures so forces me to change the format of my blog which is shit.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Battle Report Lizardmen VS Empire (again)

OK so I played Ginge again on Sunday, we ended up playing 2 games as the first one (and then the second one) didn't go so well.

Game was 2250 I'm not going to write down the lists as I'm lazy like that, you'll get the gist during the report.

We rolled the Dawn attack Mission so deployment was random (second time we had this mission and I won last time by quite alot) so neither of us could plan deployment. I really like this mission and turns out we both had pretty sweet deployments alot of my units on the left flank including my 3 Salamanders and 3 Kroxigors, about 24 Skink Skirmishers and the Ancient Stegadon and Engine of the Gods sat in the next to my 19 Saurus plus Scar-Veteran (not used one before thought I would try it as I built one from a spare Temple Guard). Ginge had alot of his Infantry in the middle, a cannon in the centre and to his left both got an engineer near by, mortar also in pretty good locale not that it needs it with indirect fire.

I had first turn and as usual just plowed forward, majority of my army is movement 6 so can cover half the board quickly, great when most of my shooting is also 12". My Salamanders whizzed down the flank trying to stay in cover from the Hand gunners. 12 power dice in the magic phase, Ginge has an Arch Lector though so ends up with lots of extra dispel dice. My Slaan got double 6 on Throne of Vines (Lore of Life) first spell but is the one you really need to buff the other 5. I used Cupped Hands of the Old Ones to pass it to Ginge and all of his Mages and dispel dice supplies took strength 6 hits, wounded a level 2 and the Arch Lector. Cast Ice Shard Blizzard on the Hell-Blaster with my Skink Priest on the EOTG meaning it would be at -1 to hit shooting (and combat??!!). My Salamanders first shot only killed 3 Swordsmen.

Ginges turn had a few closing moves, Swordsmen moving onto the Temple of Skulls to join my Skinks who's Brave had just gained +3 Movement by praying to Chaos ( lol ). Magic phase largely uneventful don't think much happened apart from my Stegadon needing a *1* not to be dragged into the Pit of Shades and me rolling it much to Ginges utter dis-belief. One of the Cannons hits my Engine and Ginge rolls a 1 to wound it but kills to crew as I fail my 5+ ward save ( the first of many that bounce of my Engine), the second Cannon falls just short, like half and inch.

Second turn, my Kroxigors charge a unit of Swordsmen, slightly weakened from Salamander shooting, I don't normally do frontal charges with these guys but deployment forced my hand and turns out the win by 3 in the end anyways lol. I have a unit of 12 Skirmishers moving down the right flank behind the Temple of Skulls to kill the hiding Cannon next turn, which is easy now as they are not immune to Poison anymore (you hit the crew hiding behind the Cannon). Magic phase and my Slaan is worried the Flagellants will be hitting my army next turn so cast Dwellers Below with Irresistible, but ignores it on 2+ thanks to the Throne of Vines (awesome remains in play spell) kills 15 as Ginge has to make 30 strength tests on 3. Ancient Steg shoots 4d6 shots at the same unit felling another fine through mass poison dart fire. Shot of the match is my Salamanders who then shoot through the Flags killing a few more but hitting a unit of Spearmen killing 22. A unit of Skirmishers also wound his Level 4 Shadow Mage twice despite his 5+ ward.

Turn 2 for Ginge, His Flags charge my Ancient Stegdon hiding in the Arcane Ruins, the remaining Spearmen charge my Skinks and the flee, on the Temple of Skulls the Swordsmen charge my Skinks, lose 4 to stand and shoot (also by this time my and Ginges Champions in these units both have 4 wounds lol). Magic pretty uneventful again, Ginge having some bad luck of me stopping the spells. Shooting and BOTH the Cannons miss my EOTG and his mortar fails to do anything but make craters still. Combat and the Flags smash the crap out of my Stegadon, re-rolls on hits and wounds at strength 5 is nasty. They over-run into my Saurus block but are in the front arc. My unit of Skinks lose 7 in combat and flee like bitches, only killing 2 Swordsmen before they do. Kroxigors are still spanking the Swordsmen in combat amazingly taken no wounds yet.

Turn 3 is pretty much the decider in this game. Skinks continue to flee and the flanking unit makes it to stand behind the Cannon on Ginges left. I move my Salamanders so the cant be charged but are stood in between 2 of Ginges units still able to shoot decently. Magic phase I try and help my Krox by casting Shield of Thorns, 2d6 Strength 4* hits on the unit in base contact at the end of the magic phase (* normally 3 but Throne buffs it to 4) only kill 3 but is enough for my Krox to help them win combat against the dwindling Swordsmen. My Saurus also manage to wipe out the Flags for only a couple of loses.

Ginges turn, in desperation his Hand gunners charge my Slaan (stupid me never saw this coming, or the reformed unit of Swordsmen behind him walking his way), he is Ethereal but they auto have 1 combat res for charging. Ginges Spearmen fail to roll the 5" they need to charge my EOTG (the second time they have failed a 5" roll this game). The mortar finally kills something, itself and the engineer trying to fix it ( lol ). The other unit of 10 Hand gunners kill one of my Salamanders ( I bring it back to life and heal the unit up to full wounds next magic phase). My Slaan in an act of sheer defiance at being woke up kills a Hand gunner with 1 attack and draws the combat and my Krox finally kill all the Swordsmen and reform to face the Hell-Blaster.

Turn 4 and the last turn before Ginge concedes the unluckiest game I have ever witnessed someone have. My Krox charge and kill the Hell-Blaster crew. Magic phase my Slaan casts Shield of Thorns on himself and kills all the Hand gunners (yawn then goes back to sleep). My Salamanders kill some more Spearmen so there is just the Arch Lector, BSB and champion left.

Ginges turn, to try and salvage something he charges the Arch Lector into my Slaan, Strikes him at strength 10, Slaan fails his 4+ ward, Ginges rolls to do d6 wounds. . . . . . 1. Then Mr.Toad passes his Leadership test at -3 and its game over. Win for me by a fair bit.

I have a new love in my life and its Salamanders, I will be getting 3 more for my army. In the second game they earned their points back and more as the first shot the fired at a horde of spearmen kill 30 and in both games they only ate 2 Skinks.

Love em.

Saturday, 4 September 2010


My new favorite unit in Warhammer Fantasy, well at least in my army has to be these guys, so much so that i painted them before I planned to just so my opponent can see them coming on the table the turn before his horde gets burninated.