Sunday, 25 July 2010


This is my first 2 units finished for my Lizardmen army. decided to paint them blue and green/turquiose as I didn't want a boring 1 colour Lizadmen force. My Skinks will also be painted in green and blue for different units to break the army up abit. There is going to be a minor red spot colour on each model as my Skinks will have red crests so I wanted to carry that across to tie my army together.

Chaos Havocs finished

Finished these a little while ago just never got around to photographing them. They are painted up Black Legion after the way my others turned out I really liked the look but as I had brought them metal shoulder pads from the Word Bearers I painted them with that in mind and anelement of red in.

Sunday, 4 July 2010


Been a bit quiet on the gaming front at the moment but am getting some serious painting done on my Lizardmen army starting with my 6 Kroxigors, 3 blue and 3 turquoise/green. Am playing a Spearhead tommorow first one just for fun so will try and write that up as I could do with posting more of my games on here keep the 2 people who read my blog entertained :)