Thursday, 17 June 2010

Lizardmen Battle Report VS Empire

This was my first game with my Skink heavy Lizardmen army, against the Empire of Ginge ( We played 2 games as the first one was a bit of a whitewash and Ginge conceded on turn 5 i think it was we lost track, anyway the armies were 2000 points and consisted of . . . .


Skink Priest on Engine of the Gods with 2 Dispel Scrolls (lore of heavens)
Skink Chief on Ancient Stegadon with the Stegadon Warspear (2d6 impact hits)
Skink Chief with Cloak of Feathers and Sword of Might

4x units of 12 Skink Skirmishers
2x units of 2 Jungle Swarms

2x units of 3 Kroxigors

1x unit or 3 Salamanders

GINGE (i might get some of this a bit wrong)

Karl 'bastard face' Franz on a Griffon with the Uber runefang thing
Hero on Pegasus with Sword that ignores Scaly Skin saves and item to steal magic spells
Green Wizard with item that lets him keep magic dice each turn (lore of beast)
Green Wizard with 2 Dispel Scrolls (lore of beast)

2x units or 20 Swordsmen with 2x 9 man combat detachments each
1x unit of 20 Halberdiers with 2x 9 man combat detachments

2x Great Cannons

Game 1 -

This was pretty much a learning experience for me as never used the army or play tested it either just built it to go. neither of us have played WHFB for a while so was a warm up game as well. Ginge went first having won the roll and dropped Karl Franz and the flying Hero right in front of my lines (he later regretted this as he thought the Pegasus was a large target and it isn't so I could still shoot at Franz) and moved forward the rest of his troops. Magic phase was pretty uneventful, Ginge had some nice offensive spells but I saw them off. He did manage to steal 1 of my spells though leaving my with just Uranons Thunderbolt. Shooting phase and 1 of his cannons misfired and could not shoot this turn and next and the other missed (Ginge is usually really accurate with these but as stated is out of practice).
My Turn and I moved forward what I could, my Salamanders making bee line for the Cannons in the far corner and my flying Skink Chief moved 20" towards them too. Magic phase and I used my Engine to give all units in 12" a 5+ ward save against shooting next turn and cast Uranons Thunderbolt on the Great Cannon that could still shoot but failed to do anything at all. Shooting phase and 2 units of Skinks opened up on Karl Franz and his fat chicken mount and 48 poison shots later the Griffon lay dead and Franz had 1 wound. the Hero on the Pegasus had been charge by 4 swarms and after he was dead and the Pegasus was running yay.

Turn 2 saw Franz now with a 360 LOS charge a unit of Kroxigors, the Pegasus rallies and Ginges army carefully advances across the board. Magic largely uneventful again I dont think a spell was cast that wasnt dispelled. Shooting and Ginges cannon gets a good hit but fails to wound my Engine of the Gods, the Huntsmen Ginge stashed in some trees shot up my skinks killing a few. Combat and no surprise Karl flattened 3 Kroxigors for no damage back, leaving him in the open to be shot again next turn.
My turn and my Engine declares a charge on a detachment which flees leaving it in the open, my swarms are out of range of another detachment so just sit and stare at the grass and my flying Skink Chief charges a cannon crew who stand and take it. magic phase I cast Burning Alignment with the Engine killing a few models from all the enemy units in 10" radius. Uranons Thunderbolt bounces of the Cannon crew again but clearly shakes them as they hit nothing for the rest of the game. Shooting and my Skinks return fire of the Huntsmen killing a couple but needing 8+ to hit them is slowing me down. I try and shoot the Pegasus but it gets away unharmed, my Salamanders kill a few Swordsmen and also eat 2 Skinks just for fun. combat and My Skink Chief (who is now a Salamander Handler for the rest of his limited life) fails to hurt anyone and loses combat by being outnumbered and runs away from the Cannon crew.
Turn 3 and Ginge charges as much as he can into my Engine of the Gods, 20 Swordsmen and 20 Halberdiers each unit with a mage in and 1 detachment of 9 combat guys and moves the rest of his units around for next turn charges. Magic nothing happens as both mages have missile spells but are in combat. Combat phase and to Ginges displeasure he fins out how hard it is to kill a Stegadon and just takes 1 wound of the Priest riding it and loses a few of each unit in return, the Stegadon holds on its Stubborn LD 6 (for 3 turns) ending Ginges turn.
My turn and I charge the Pegasus with some swarms and the Huntsmen with some Skinks, and the Kroxigors get a failed charge as the unit runs lining them up nicely for the cannon to shoot them next turn, and them my Chief rallies in front of a unit or Swordsmen. magic and I burn a lot of stuff to death with my Engine and Thunderbolt does squat against the cannon crew despite being irresistible. Shooting and my Salamanders try and kill the Swordsmen before they kill the Chief, but dont, eat a Skink instead. Combat and my Priest falls off his Engine but again the Stegadon stays in the fight, the swarms kill the Pegasus and overrun nicely behind the Halberdiers.
Turns 4 and onwards as we lost count of how many basically involved more units being chucked into the big combat in the middle with my Engine, and the other units round the outside peppering each other with shots. Ginge finally conceded when my 3 remaining Kroxigors were in position to charge the rear of his Swordsmen which as I had already added to Skink units in both his units flanks would have ended that combat in one swift move.

All in all a great game for my new army although Franz dying early really helped.

The 2nd Game went differently as he didn't die and took out a lot of my stuff including the same unit of Kroxigors. Ginge won my a solid victory as I only had 3 units of Skinks left and 1 was fleeing. My proudest moment was casting Comet of Cassandora only for it to smash apart most of the army on the hill next turn including a cannon and a mage. I need to practice with this army more and I gather in 8th Ed my army gets a boost in the form of better rules for skirmishers, which is nice.


  1. Big Bird did a fair amount of my work in that second game, and I'd love to see how the first game would have gone if I hadn't left him out in the open like I did - damn pegasus not being a large target like I thought mutter grumble...

    Course I'm now trying to forget both these games, so my mind is nice and fresh for 8th edition...

  2. gave me a chance to see how my army would have played so im happy with that

  3. Your army played annoying... bloody poison multi shot pain in the fricking arse...

  4. That was the plan and the fact your heros and Karl Franz were actually avoiding units of skinks was great especially as you didnt want to waste a charge on them incase they tied you up for a turn or 2 in combat, unlikely but could be costly