Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Epic Moments: Mini Tourney 2

I had to write about this as its never ever going to happen.

Chris made up the rules for a 500pts combat patrol tourney. 6 of us entered and he ended up playing (and winning) as someone didn't turn up. Now the gist of it was you had to obey the normal rules for combat patrol FOC with the exception you could take units from ANY 40k army. This made for some interesting possibilities and next time we do it I can see the beards coming out big time. On top of this the missions were massively random, from d3 scattering, exploding objectives a turn to a game where everyone had 18" rage. My EPIC MOMENT occur ed in my last game against club northerner Ginge. He had a unit of Genestealers in an Ork Truck, they plough towards my cleverly concealed in cover Grey Hunters and Wolf Priest in his turn and I sit and wonder why? The start of my turn I realise I had to measure for Rage meaning I had to leave my Tyranid thwarting cover and run into the open. So I think sod it I will charge the Truck and try and Krak Grenade it, needed 6s to hit. I hit it and wreck it and it Kareens back towards its own table edge, smashes into a building, blows up and kills 4 Genestealers. Then the Stealers fail their LD 10 roll and run through the wreck (shortest route) only to lose 2 more of their number to dangerous terrain, dropping them below half strength so they cant even test to rally. Que me laughing insanely for several minutes before Ginge goes Jihad on my army with his Burners and levels half of it. Game ended turn with me winning on kill points, Ginge had a Junker with Deathroller left and I had 1 Grey Hunter with a Power Weapon who had spent 2 turns trying to Bolt Pistol and Krak Grenade this nasty bit of kit to death. All in all a great end to a fun night at http://www.hammernales.co.uk/.


  1. Truly an epic moment!

    I had a similar one, but far less epic by comparison. A heavy bolter shooting at his Junka. Only hit with 1, and needing a 6 glance, which I got. Then rolled a 6 on the table, -2 for glancing, but +1 for open-topped, and wrecked it. Good times!

    I was expecting alot more beard than what was there. It turned out to be a close tournament in the end, with the top 3 being decided on VPs - and 2 VPs between 2nd and 3rd place!

  2. Your Tyranid thwarting cover was not all it was cracked up to be... if I'd launched an assault from the truk I'd have counted as having frag grenades due to the truk being equipped with stikbomb chukas! Still, VERY close. How many times did your dude want to make his armour save against that damn death rolla!

    Oh, and Chris, it was even closer if we count your immobilised hydra as destroyed... tables still the same, but I was right on your tail!!!