Saturday, 15 May 2010

Warmachine new colour scheme

Well haven't been that active of late been playing a lot of 40k while building my Skink army, which apparently in 8th Ed Warhammer is going to be amazing as skirmishers gain a lot of new rules that are similar to the current light cavalry rules, mwa haha march and shoot, and feint flee. Anyway here is new Warmachine paint scheme i think they look better than in the pics but im slightly bias.

High Paladin Dartan and Paladin of the Order of the Wall

High Exemplar Kreoss (best warcaster EVER!!)


  1. I agree, Kreoss is the best. Really like your new paint job on them!

    I was looking at Warmachine today in Southsea Models, but they look a bit over-priced?

  2. Yeah marshalls stuff is over price. the new plastic kits you can get for £17 and he sells em at like £32 or £27 either way its fucking ridiculous, I asked him to get some in so I could buy them via him, local support and all that and he added aboout £10 to the price so I never bought it. You can get much better deals online. Im not happy with the detail on these now i wana redo the line highlighting it looks messy in the pics. I do like the added red though breaks the model up