Friday, 7 May 2010

Lukas Worlds Campaign UPDATE #1

Well its been awhile I been a busy bee and I don't have a new PC yet and my GF's laptop is sloooww. Anyway campaigns been going good. I think Ive only lost 1 game out of 7 or 8 cant remember exact number. Ive played Nids loads and got few wins and draws. Ive been playing against my own Chaos army my friend is using and this was the source of one of my losses although post game we realised Terminators cant sweeping advance and doing that gave him 2 KPs but its an error I wont make again, forgetting that is. Ive beaten 2 Guard armies with just 1500pts when 1 had 1700pts and 1 had 1800pts so Im quite pleased with that as my Tau are quite set and I cant change wargear and only just have 2600pts or so. Means I have to win by adjusting tactics and not tailoring to each new threat.

Anyways last game on Monday against Nids again, so far only managed 2 draws against him and then we have a couple of week break to lick our wounds and try a few more things before resuming to its conclusion.

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