Thursday, 15 April 2010

TOFG Apocalypse Conclusion

This is a bit late coming I just havnt got around to it. The Apocalypse game to bring our Tale of Four Gamers to an end was the best one Ive played so far. The armies, me(chaos) and Ginge(orks) vs Chris(guard) and Ken(tau) were balanced due to using the forces we had built up over 4 months and just adding a datasheet or legendary unit each. Me and Ginge won the game, I won the TOFG overall and in the Apoc game we had 1 of 3 secret missons to get us bonus points and I completed mine, Ginges and the spare one :D. My men of the match were 1 single Lesse Daemon who danced in front of a Baneblade deflecting most of its firepower for 3 turns and the Dreadnought that marched onto the board and destroyed 3 Hydras in 1 combat.
Anyway heres a few pics to show how cool 10k ish of painted armies is.


  1. Your memory is atrocious.It was one of your possessed i think with feel no pain, who deflected three rounds of twin linked heavy bolter fire, then survived the baneblades explosion. Although the dreadnought killing three hydras in a turn was pretty epic.

  2. This is why i dont write up battle reports i dont remember shit lol

  3. If you'd written it up within a couple weeks of the even you may have remembered better :oP