Sunday, 14 March 2010

Planned Space Wolves list *2nd Draft*

This is my pretty much almost final list as in I cant think of anything to change so lets see what people think. Long name :P. After seeing what other people take and reading the Space Wolves Chronicles books I'm happy with this list and it suits my style of play, balanced and annoying.

Njal Stormcaller - Terminator Armour +25 = 270

Ulrik the Slayer = 180

Rune Priest - Wolftooth Necklace +10, Chooser +10, Saga of the Beastslayer +10,
Meltabombs +5, Living Lightning, Jaws of the World Wolf = 135

Lone Wolf - Terminator Armour +25, 2x Wolfs Claws +20 = 65

Wolf Guard Pack x5 - 2x Terminator Armour, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield +90
Terminator Armour, 2x Wolfs Claws +30
Terminator Armour, Cyclone Missile Launcher +45
Mark of the Wulfen +15 = 270

Grey Hunter Pack x10 - 2x Flamer +0, Power Weapon +15, Wolf Standard +10 = 175

Grey Hunter Pack x10 - 2x Flamer +0, Power Weapon +15, Wolf Standard +10 = 175

Blood Claws Pack x9 - Power Weapon +15, Lukas the Trickster +140 = 290
Drop Pod = 35

Long Fangs x5 - Missile Launcher x4 +40 = 115
Razorback - Extra Armour +15, Twin Linked Lascannon +35 = 90

Landspeeder - Typhoon Missile Launcher +40, Multi Melta +10 = 100

Landspeeder - Typhoon Missile Launcher +40, Multi Melta +10 = 100

Total = 2000


  1. Just my two pence worth: I'd be worried about the lack of vehicle targets in your army, as the landspeeders will be the focus of all of your enemies long range anti-tank. I like the change to a mechanised list, and Marines are durable, but it'll be interesting to see how your games unfold with no transports (the Drop Pod being the exception). The biggest anti-tank threat you have, in my view, is the Razorback - so you've got the potential to be pwned by a list fielding AV14.

    However, if you take into account the armies that you regularly face this list is very good and will be a pretty tough nut to crack. You havn't played loyalist Marines for a long while so I'm looking forward to seeing a return to form and back to your winning ways.

  2. If I need to I can deepstrike the landspeeders and the multi meltas should deal with AV 14. The droppod is gona deliver a good combat unit that will draw most of the fire and arrive pretty much exactly where it should on turn 1 and as glory hunting blood claws if they survive all the better for the sagas. I dont like just having 3 troops coices but I can expand by adding more and some heavy guns but for now I think this list will deal with most armies and should be able to hold its own against Nids

  3. i think multimeltas deep striking may prove a little unreliable tank hunters. Trying to deep strike within 12 " could prove dangerous and only one shot. Could you not squeeze ragnar and grimnar in as well? :-P

  4. there multi meltas so range shouldnt be a problem and i would only deepstrike them if my oppo had a massive gun line all trained at my speeders or i had nowhere to hide them behind and i got 2 coz of the 1 shot always missing thing and they both have typhoons anyway 2 shots at 48" atr 8 plus my lascannon on the razorback and 4 missile on my long fangs

  5. Well, I think it will do well in our gaming group. I have to say though Ken, the deep striking multimeltas isn't so bad. I used to run two dreadnoughts with them in drop pods, although I guess drop pods are far more realiable. Time and games will tell though.

    So basically you'll be deepstriking them against me and Ken, and then running them on field with everyone else ;)

    I havn't seen Typhoons in ages. Really good weapons that don't get taken enough!