Thursday, 25 March 2010

Lukas Worlds Campaign

This will be a regular but brief post on the campaign Ginge our faithful pet northerner is running. We all start off with 3 planets and challenge people each week to either remove their foothold on our planets or make one on theirs. My first game I challenged Rich ( Tyranids ) to attack one of his planets, the game was a hard fought draw meaning I gained no foothold and his planet is immune to attack nest month. If I play someone with a painted army I will add some pics next time. Next week I am attacking Neils planet, hes using my Chaos while I use my Tau, already invaded by Nids I will have to fight them both off if I want to expand my sphere.


  1. It was a draw, which denies you the foothold, but it has left him in no better position either. He isn't immune... he's just not here next week :oP

    One of my planets is immune cos I repulsed Rob with a win. The victory left my defences at a higher state of alert. In a tie game scenario the defences are alerted but weakened, so it balances out.

  2. Ah ok well knew it was something like that :P