Saturday, 27 February 2010

TOFG Month 4

Completed a fully painted 2000 points ish of Chaos. This month sees me painting out of the ordinary with a unit of 12 Khorne Beserkers, a God i usually stay away from but I'm not sexually involved with after the havoc these guys wreak and the psychological factor of just having them sitting in a Rhino waiting to pounce. Also painted up an old Space Marine Dreadnought Nurgly and modded up a bit and as I was a few points short I painted up my Chaos Lord in Terminator army which I'm actually quite pleased with I used a few techniques Ive been practicing before I put them to use on larger scale, and I found a pot of chestnut ink which is much nicer and richer than brown ink.

I kept these dark red so they tie in with my non Black Legion Word Bearers and made the Khorne symbols bright red so they stand out more. Overall a nice looking unit I think.

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