Tuesday, 2 February 2010

TOFG Mini Tournament

First off Id like to thank Ginge for hosting the event we had on Sunday and for supplying nibbles but unfortunatly not locking his door so Scotty D was able to walk right in.

Ok my list for this was as follows:

Daemon Prince - Mark of Tzeentch, Wings, Bolt of Change and Warptime.

10 Chosen - Mark of Khorne, Champion with Powerfist and Meltabombs, 2x Power Weapons and Rhino with Extra Armour and Havoc Launcher.

Dreadnought - Twin-linked Lascannon, Heavy Flamer and Extra Armour.

10 Chaos Marines - Icon of Tzeentch, Champion with Powerfist, Meltagun, Flamer and Rhino with Extra Armour and Combi Flamer.

10 Chaos Marines - Icon of Slaanesh, Champion with Power Weapon and Plasma Pistol, 2x Plasmaguns.

10 Lesser Daemons

10 Lesser Daemons

Varied slightly from what Ive been painting as I am just expanding my Chaos so have been swapping things in to make a legal and competitive force but still painting my 500pt quota.

Ginge's Orks:

The last game we played at 1000pts I got spanked harder than the French in Vietnam. This game however took a different path. A point worth making is my Daemon Prince died first turn (again) but rather than costing me the game this time it didnt have much bearing as the trade off was the unit killing him was beaten down by my Dreadnought over a few turns and finished off by my Lesser Daemons due to them recieving no support. My Tzeentch Marines managed to fight off 2 yes 2 units of charging orks, they took a heavy toll on my unit but both ran away like lil girls, 1 got away and the 2nd remained in combat for another turn to be cut down as they tried to flee. It was close towards the end as we had to take objectives and Ginge had no scoring units left and mine were being hampered by trukks which wouldnt die but the game went to turn 7 giving me enough time to smash them both up and claim myself 2 objectives for the win, yay me.

Kens Tau:

This game was mostly a blurr I remember little, unfortunatly what I do remember is my Dreadnought spending 2 turns trying to blow the crap out of my Daemon Prince with his Lascannon (probably revenge for him dying so early in the first game). My Prince was a legend in this game killed 2 squads of Battlesuits and shot down a Hammerhead in the same turn my Plasma Squad destroyed the 2nd Hammerhead. This game was so to and fro it was hard to see who was winning from 1 turn to the next and at the end the game was a draw with neither of us having much left on the board.

Chris's Imperial Guard:

Ok so last time I played this army at 1000pts I tabled it on my last turn with the luckiest chain of events ever. This time however I kinda failed to do much at all I think I killed less than 15 Guardsmen. The sheer amount of firepower I was facing was too much this time and I lost 2 of my Icons on turn 2 so when 1 unit of my Lesser Daemons turned up on turn 3 they died and then turn 4 the same again as I recklessly disembarked my Chosen in anger trying to avenge my fallen and they got the crap shot out of them. This was a very dissapointing game for me and as it was the game to decied 1st and 2nd overall place I was gutted to lose it with out even being able to put up much of a fight.

So there we go 2nd place not bad. Was a fun day of gaming and was great to play some balanced armies rather than power lists and to have 99% painted models on the table. Now I go to regroup and paint up another 1000pts for the Apoc game to determine the overall TOFG winner, and I have to team with Ginge's Orks against Tau and Imperial Guard.


  1. Jesus I can't beleive I managed to wade through all that!

    Anyway, I'm gonna go grab war and peace for some light reading :oP

  2. Your chaos marine squad was lucky... if I'd won that one sure you'd have killed the orks that gave your daemon prince yet another kicking, but by then I'd have finished off YOUR scoring units. Can't believe you a) caused EIGHT casualties with at most 20 attacks and b) about 40 attacks and 8 power klaw attacks couldn't match that tally! A real game changing combat!

  3. Your prince was lucky. Making 4 invulnerable saves from the dreadnought shooting him in the back and 4 dangerous terrain tests. Not to mention about 8 armour saves before he finally fell. He didn't take out the second hammerhead however, that was your outflanking chosen.
    Who were unlucky enough to be pinned by drone fire, but lucky enough so that two blast templates scattered off all 10 of them onto the firing unit!
    Fun game

  4. Ah yeah I couldnt remember what did that hammerhead in hence why my reports are brief I only remember some of it lol but was very close game could have gone either way a couple of times

  5. You actually sensibly kept the Chosen in the Rhino when they arrived. I blew up their transport and gunned the guys down inside. Mwahahaha