Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Chronicles of Bel-Tzaxx Part 4

This is it. One more night and we will have all the power we need to claim this planet for the Dark Gods. . . . .

Our enemies have found allies, how dare they try to claim what is mine.

We had heard rumours of another Warband in the sector, they want our glory and that will not take it. They refused to join us so we forced them away only for them to come back with accursed Tau in tow. Impressive how they bent the will of the weak so quickly or maybe they had expected us to be hostile and had the alliance in place already, they scouted our strength but they did not scout our desire to win. The attack came early in the morning, earlier than expected but a minor setback. Cyclor had already moved into place to the east of the base ready to strike that killing blow. Bel-Tzaxx awaits in the Warp with his Daemon spawn minions to appear where most needed. Plaague and Thuxx take up flanking positions either side of Mortaans unit as they defend while the rest of the Warband strike. Karnage fresh of his Battle-barge leads the charge as the roar of bikers gets closer. The Tau heavy tank takes its toll on our Dreadnought allies damaging them both with AP rounds. Tzeruuz unit makes this vehicle its priority and take it down with a meltagun shot. Karnage and his unit take out the bikers but fall foul to mass fire from Tau and Marine infantry, although I'm sure I saw him still twitching in the dawn light. As we press home our charge the mighty Daemon Prince and his minions arrive and hold back the advancing Lord and his Terminator retinue. Thuxx joins the combat first with both his weapon arms damaged he is lucky hes so heavily armoured they barely chip his massive hulk. Bel-Tzaxx fly in on great beating wings and dispatches the huge armoured forms of the Terminators before falling into a savage combat with the unworthy Lord. It does not take long for the mighty one to slay the meek, roaring triumphantly as he adds the skull to his collection. Cycor arrives in his battle damaged Rhino, disembarking behind the Tau forward ops position and swiftly taking it down with Bolter and Chainsword. Out of the darkness Battlesuits appear and lay a terrifying amount of fire on his unit, consuming the building in fire and smoke. The Rhino opens up on them for the brief time they were visible, after the smoke clears none remain. Dead or fleeing noting of worth remains of the attacking force. Mortaan and his unit defended to a few men their position, the blessing of Slaanesh allowing them to strike swifter than these unworthy Marines.

Bel-Tzaxx - Survived (Proved to the Chaos Lord what true power is)
Cyclor - Wounded (His victories have bred complacency's)
Tzeruuz - Survived (Made up for his previous failures)
Mortaan - Survived (Held the base with his squad and pleased his patron Slaanesh)
Thuxx - Survived (Badly damaged both his arm units have been replaced)
Plaague - Survived (Another Dreadnought blessed to us from Nurgle)
Karnage - Wounded (A unit of Khorne Beserkers accompanies him, Tzeentch is wary but can use them)

The powers of the Four Gods come together for another victory and more good news we have our prize. I can sense a battle of all battles coming and if we are to win we may need to seek the help of the vile Greenskins. They hunger for war so we will offer them the chance to wage it with new and powerful foes and weapons, an alliance of necessity we will deal with them after we win.

+++I am powerful, I have many followers. This planet will be mine and the Darkness of the Gods will fill my soul until my power matches that of even the great Abadon. My artifact, my weapon of war is in my grasp. All shall fall before the might of my Baneblade, lost and now found. Beware followers of the False Emperor.+++

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