Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The Chronicles of Bel-Tzaxx Part 3

We are closer I can feel the hum of the Warp power. . . . .

The Imperials summoned the Astartes, good we were running low on ammunition.

The Imperials were not meant to know of our presence and now they have called for help, the answer came from the False Emperors pets the Ultramarines. This will hinder the search but may provide an oppotunity to resupply and salvage some parts for our rapidly deteriorating armour. The Warband mounted up and under cover of darkness infiltrated the ruined city the Ultramarines were using as a ops base. Cyclor lead his Chosen in a wide flanking arc while Bel-Tzaxx and the remaining troops made their way forward under cover of the night sky. The Ultramarines must have known we were coming they began to pour fire into the ruins, largely hindered by the moonless sky but a few shots found their mark and Tzeruuz's Rhino exploded in a shockwave of flames and plasteel. As the sound of battle escalated a formidable shadow appeard in the ruins, Land Raider, the Astartes came well prepared. Cyclor ordered over the Vox to try and cripple it maybe we could salvage it but the Terminators is disgorged might have other ideas. As Mortaan lead his unit down the western flank to try and disable the Predator that was laying down Las Cannon fire the ground behind Bel-Tzaxx lit up like the Sun and as the brightness wore off there stood the hulking form of Thuxx, a Dreadnought of the Thousand Sons chapter, a gift from Tzeentch. With the added fire power from out ancient ally the Astartes began to falter. Bel-Tzaxx hurled balls of Warp energy at the Marines skimmers turning them into parody's of meteors as they smashed into ruin buildings and dead Astartes. A huge tear appeared near Tzeruus's Icon bearer and 20 Daemons of the Warp emerged and immediately starting to swarm the already faltering Marines. Bel-Tzaxx set his sights the Ultramarine commander, who was directing the fire of a small Scout unit as him just as Cyclor arrived his Rhino's engine vibrating the very air around it. With a roar Belt-tzaxx soared into the air on beating wings and at the same time Cyclor and his unit disembarked the Rhino and pored fire into the Scouts. Ignoring the Chosen the Scouts fired the sniper rifles at the Daemon bearing down on them, they missed but the Captain took careful aim and shot Bel-tzaxx in the face with his Storm-bolter. Before the shot could pierce his skull Bel-tzaxx phased out of reality frozen in the spot while the Warp healed his wound. The battle was hard and bloody, but as Cyclor took down the Captain with his Powerfist and Mortaan squad took down the Predator with Krak grenades the Imperials stood little hope of winning. The last Dreadnought fell to a shot from Thuxx leaving a hushed silence over the remains of a once prosperous city. We claimed our bounty and returned to camp.

Bel-Tzaxx - Wounded (He changed many paths, Tzeetch truly has a purpose for him)
Cyclor - Survived (Continues to crave the blood of those Khorne deems unworthy)
Tzeruuz - Wounded (Fell fowl to a Power Weapon blow but recovers stronger)
Mortaan - Wounded (Second rate weapons should not be used, especially if they are Plasma)
Thuxx - Survived (A welcome Dreadnought ally of the Thousand Sons seeking glory)

This should be a lesson for the Imperials, it will take more than a small force of Astartes to remove us from out path. We have yet to see anymore Orks but their stink is everywhere. We have spotted a Tau outpost South of this continent but still are unable to fathom their reason for being here.

+++My army grows as does the confidence of the Gods in my cause. I will prevail. I will have the power I desire. The galaxy shall know my name and fear it.+++

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