Saturday, 18 December 2010

Painting Competition Entry Finished (99%)

Took me a while and I still need to add one more detail to his base but as the light was good today I thought I would put him on now. Word of warning, pink is a bastard colour to paint but I think it was worth the effort. Entrys have to be in Monday lets hope it goes well.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Space Wolves Grey Hunters complete

Took me a few months but finally finished them to what I think is one of the highest standards I have painted any of my units. Problem is I then spray varnished them and it frosted ruining the models. I managed to use a wash of 'ardcoat to get most of it back to normal and paint some back to normal but its not perfect and is a little disappointing. I'm not looking forward to drybrushing my tanks with the grey as I have trouble doing large areas so any tips on that would be appreciated.

Painting Competition Entry

This will most likely be what I paint up for the Painting Comp at the Club Im a member of. I was considering entering my Space Wolves (next post) but unfortunatly the Purity Seal varnish went wrong and ruined them, I have managed to recover most of the lost paintjob but it's not to the standard they were painted to originally. Needless to say I was a little upset. Anyways this is my Daemon Prince of Slaanesh, as you can see I have given him a Greater Daemon head as the one(s) he is supplied with just dont seem to be big enough for his body, he looks like a BeetleJuice extra. I havent glued it on as its kinda big and limits where I can get too. The base I made using some Bloodletter Swords trimmed and a skull from the Arcane Ruins set to make a Chaos Star and it helped to make the Prince stand in a better stance as his tabbard hangs a little close to the ground if you just have him flat footed. I like it. Had my metal Prince in the baskground to see size comparison but that pic came out crap and I couldnt be bothered to redo it as charging batteries, there is big diff in size though. Lets hop the non metallic metals paintjob on a pink model works out lol.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

True LOS may have ruined my plans!!!

Just a quick post to see what the 2 other people who read my blog think.

I was considering getting a Vampire Count army in the future after I have finished my Wolves and Lizardmen but my plan to make it a nice good to look at army has made me think about how true LOS will affect this. If I wanted to place say for instance my Varghulf on a nice scenic base like a collapsed pillar or big rock to make him stand out and look cool, I would actually be screwing myself over in game terms. I now have to choose whether I want him to look good on the table or be safe from mass enemy shooting, which I don't think any gamer should have to do. With Fantasy being a more tactical game each unit being assigned a role to achieve to earn their points back or make them worth the point investment the last thing I want is my oppo being able to shoot things more easily because I have placed them above the height of most of my army. You rarely have points fillers in Fantasy at least less than you do in 40k so my 100 - 200 point monster normally standing about the same as cavalry height would be able to be shot by anything that's in range due to true LOS so now I dont think I want to make him look suitable awesome by making his base cool. Other systems use TLOS but now I think it does not suit WHFB as much as I first thought. You don't have big metal boxes (tanks) like you do in 40k which have little movement other than forwards and backwards, instead you have living creature which bend and flex and move all around. Now Warmachine represents this by having a volume and only 3 base sizes. Small bases take up block the size of the base and 1.25" up, medium bases 2" up and large 2.75" up (this is possibly slightly wrong but I cant be arsed to go get the rulebook and it gives you the gist). Now this system while a little more complex lends itself more to the flexible nature of living models and helps you imagine the movement they clearly dot have as inanimate objects. I'm not saying this would work in WHFB but I dont think TLOS works either IF you want people to be more creative and put some effort into putting the army centre pieces on impressive bases.

Anyway this is just 1 mans opinion but I do think its something GW should have taken into account as it seems the choice between game-ability and look-ability is an unfair one we should not have to make. I wouldn't want my Vargulf dying to shooting every game just because I wanted him to stand out and have nothing big enough to give him some cover.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Help Help I'm being repressed ! ! !

I'm not really, but now I have your attention.

Just a few thoughts about how my Lizardmen army is playing with the models I currently have and the tactics I'm using.

Lets start with Mr.Slaan (see picture left for what appears to be an old one???) I think you need a Slaan unless you want to get bummed in the magic phase. Skink Priests have to use Lore of Heavens, Slaan can use any so gives you many more options to fill gaps in your army. I have been heavily using the Lore of Life as it allows you to make even a lowly swarm a T6 monster (for a turn). It also allows me to protect and bring back to life my smaller more expensive units, Kroxigors and Salamanders and Dwellers Bellow can devastate a unit so adds some serious damage. I also use Cupped Hands of the Old Ones and try for a miscast on my first spells, then on a 2+ give it to an enemy mages. For 45 points you cant go wrong with this although its one use only it hasn't failed me yet. I have been taking Focus of Mystery (Loremaster so know all the spells of picked Lore, kinda essential) and as I don't have my Temple Guard built yet I have been taking Higher State of Consciousness so he is Ethereal and Focused Rumination so he gets a free power dice on each spell cast, great if you only roll 2 - 6 power in a turn. All in all I love my Slaan, hes only died once and hes even charged and seen off a unit in combat, a handgunners detachment but that's not the point lol. Making him your BSB is also great and opens up many new tricks, like Standard of Discipline (makes him LD 10 but he cant use the Generals LD, oh noo hahaha he is the General) so your army becomes that mush harder to make run but the Slann a bigger point sink and target.

Next has to be Skink heroes. Priests are good mainly for one thing and that is they can bring the Engine of the Gods with them (albeit at 290 points and its useless if they die). The Engine is awesome for 2 main reasons, 1 it tends to draw most of the fire from your enemy leaving the larger part of your army unscathed, 2 it can give all units within 12" a 5+ ward save against range attacks as long as the originate at least 12" from the Engine. Awesome when my army can really only shoot about 12" so as long as the engine stays behind them they get the save. Also it does some other stuff, can make your Priest cast spells and dispels with +1 too which is I suppose is nice. Now stick a Chief on it and you have a different monster altogether. Stegadon Warspear is kind of a must have though, its 50 points but gives you 2d6 impact hits and makes them magical so you could even crush a beefed up Black Coach (or a sneaky Slaan) and in addition it counts as a lance so your Chief on the charge gets 3 strength 6 attacks, not too shabby. The main downside is cost, these both come in around the 400 mark limiting you to taking maybe 1 more Priest or a cheap scar-veteran in smaller games.

Core units, I mainly use Skink Skirmishers in units of 12 ( you get 24 in a box ) I have 4 units at 90 points each with the Brave, who's mainly there to take a challenge and die rather than me losing half the unit. These are great for speed and standing and shooting but they suffer from low BS meaning most of the time if you fire 2 shots with the blowpipes you need 6 (poisoned though so you don't have to roll to wound) but if you move, fire 2 shots and happen to be long range or the target has any added modifiers you pretty much cant hit anything, I would like to see blowpipes have the quick to fire rule but I don't think that's going to happen any time soon or at all. My other core has been 15 saurus in 2000 points to make the army legal and give my enemy something to avoid. Saurus are great for the points (11). twice now they have seen off a large unit of Empire with 1 or 2 heroes in the front rank and taken minimal casualties. The combo of T4 and 4+ save and with the parry rule now a 6+ ward in combat makes them a very effective unit for holding buildings or a flank on their own. In the future I will be taking a unit of 30 probably with spears just to add that massive punch, 5 ranks of 6 gives me 29 S4 attacks if the whole front rank and the Champion is in b2b but they lose the 6+ ward save in combat but as they have more numbers I'm not too fussed about this 4+ armour is still way good for a core unit.

My specials I have only really used Kroxigors for now although I will be using my new Cold One Cavalry today to test them out, I have 10 but am only using 7 as they are 35 points each. The Kroxigors have 1 main weakness in the they are twice the size of a Saurus and yet they have the same strength and toughness?? They have 4+ save and 3 wounds but due to the 55 points cost each its hard to field a decent amount that can survive long enough to hit back. That said the few times I have got them into a flank charge they have won me those combats as my enemy is limited to what can hit them so combat resolution normally goes their way.

Rares, now the choices are really only Salamanders and Ancient Stegadons. The Razordons I play tested and just didn't hit hard enough, with only an artillery's worth of S4 hits and then you still need to roll to hit at BS3 I just don't think they hit enough and although they are great at stand and shoot (3 of them is potentially 60 shots) at 75 points each its too much to risk they might halt the unit charging them but more likely die. I would only take the Ancient in bigger games as I think they are better with a Character mounted on but the Salamanders are defo my UNIT OF CHOICE bu ba na na. They constantly perform above par and yes they are 75 points each but having a unit of 2 on each flank with the 12" march and still shoot up to 18" with a flamer template you would be silly to not take them. They shot only has to do 1 wound and you force a panic check too and with a S3 -3 armour save template you cant go wrong. The only units they tend not to have much effect on are small high toughness ones like ogres, but if you cast a spell that drops their LD by 3 and then hit them you too can win your game on turn 2 as 16 Ogre Bulls and a Tyrant and Bruiser BSB run off the board lol.

So that's my roundup of the units I have used thus far. I am really enjoying using my Lizardmen as they play very different to my High Elves. Its not a comprehensive list of the whole army but I cant have an opinion on things I haven't played yet ( some gamer/blogger don't seem to understand this fact). I have a pretty good win ratio with my Lizardmen, think its like W12 L5 now and unless my opponent tailors a little towards fighting my style of army I tend to come out on top.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

40K Imperial Bastion

Just a couple of pics of the Scenery I been doing for the club, just have the Aegis Defence to go with it now and on to the Chaos looking ones.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Fantasy Scenery

Bits for the club I painted. Pissed off that the blog wont let me do 2 columns unless I use the smaller pictures so forces me to change the format of my blog which is shit.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Battle Report Lizardmen VS Empire (again)

OK so I played Ginge again on Sunday, we ended up playing 2 games as the first one (and then the second one) didn't go so well.

Game was 2250 I'm not going to write down the lists as I'm lazy like that, you'll get the gist during the report.

We rolled the Dawn attack Mission so deployment was random (second time we had this mission and I won last time by quite alot) so neither of us could plan deployment. I really like this mission and turns out we both had pretty sweet deployments alot of my units on the left flank including my 3 Salamanders and 3 Kroxigors, about 24 Skink Skirmishers and the Ancient Stegadon and Engine of the Gods sat in the next to my 19 Saurus plus Scar-Veteran (not used one before thought I would try it as I built one from a spare Temple Guard). Ginge had alot of his Infantry in the middle, a cannon in the centre and to his left both got an engineer near by, mortar also in pretty good locale not that it needs it with indirect fire.

I had first turn and as usual just plowed forward, majority of my army is movement 6 so can cover half the board quickly, great when most of my shooting is also 12". My Salamanders whizzed down the flank trying to stay in cover from the Hand gunners. 12 power dice in the magic phase, Ginge has an Arch Lector though so ends up with lots of extra dispel dice. My Slaan got double 6 on Throne of Vines (Lore of Life) first spell but is the one you really need to buff the other 5. I used Cupped Hands of the Old Ones to pass it to Ginge and all of his Mages and dispel dice supplies took strength 6 hits, wounded a level 2 and the Arch Lector. Cast Ice Shard Blizzard on the Hell-Blaster with my Skink Priest on the EOTG meaning it would be at -1 to hit shooting (and combat??!!). My Salamanders first shot only killed 3 Swordsmen.

Ginges turn had a few closing moves, Swordsmen moving onto the Temple of Skulls to join my Skinks who's Brave had just gained +3 Movement by praying to Chaos ( lol ). Magic phase largely uneventful don't think much happened apart from my Stegadon needing a *1* not to be dragged into the Pit of Shades and me rolling it much to Ginges utter dis-belief. One of the Cannons hits my Engine and Ginge rolls a 1 to wound it but kills to crew as I fail my 5+ ward save ( the first of many that bounce of my Engine), the second Cannon falls just short, like half and inch.

Second turn, my Kroxigors charge a unit of Swordsmen, slightly weakened from Salamander shooting, I don't normally do frontal charges with these guys but deployment forced my hand and turns out the win by 3 in the end anyways lol. I have a unit of 12 Skirmishers moving down the right flank behind the Temple of Skulls to kill the hiding Cannon next turn, which is easy now as they are not immune to Poison anymore (you hit the crew hiding behind the Cannon). Magic phase and my Slaan is worried the Flagellants will be hitting my army next turn so cast Dwellers Below with Irresistible, but ignores it on 2+ thanks to the Throne of Vines (awesome remains in play spell) kills 15 as Ginge has to make 30 strength tests on 3. Ancient Steg shoots 4d6 shots at the same unit felling another fine through mass poison dart fire. Shot of the match is my Salamanders who then shoot through the Flags killing a few more but hitting a unit of Spearmen killing 22. A unit of Skirmishers also wound his Level 4 Shadow Mage twice despite his 5+ ward.

Turn 2 for Ginge, His Flags charge my Ancient Stegdon hiding in the Arcane Ruins, the remaining Spearmen charge my Skinks and the flee, on the Temple of Skulls the Swordsmen charge my Skinks, lose 4 to stand and shoot (also by this time my and Ginges Champions in these units both have 4 wounds lol). Magic pretty uneventful again, Ginge having some bad luck of me stopping the spells. Shooting and BOTH the Cannons miss my EOTG and his mortar fails to do anything but make craters still. Combat and the Flags smash the crap out of my Stegadon, re-rolls on hits and wounds at strength 5 is nasty. They over-run into my Saurus block but are in the front arc. My unit of Skinks lose 7 in combat and flee like bitches, only killing 2 Swordsmen before they do. Kroxigors are still spanking the Swordsmen in combat amazingly taken no wounds yet.

Turn 3 is pretty much the decider in this game. Skinks continue to flee and the flanking unit makes it to stand behind the Cannon on Ginges left. I move my Salamanders so the cant be charged but are stood in between 2 of Ginges units still able to shoot decently. Magic phase I try and help my Krox by casting Shield of Thorns, 2d6 Strength 4* hits on the unit in base contact at the end of the magic phase (* normally 3 but Throne buffs it to 4) only kill 3 but is enough for my Krox to help them win combat against the dwindling Swordsmen. My Saurus also manage to wipe out the Flags for only a couple of loses.

Ginges turn, in desperation his Hand gunners charge my Slaan (stupid me never saw this coming, or the reformed unit of Swordsmen behind him walking his way), he is Ethereal but they auto have 1 combat res for charging. Ginges Spearmen fail to roll the 5" they need to charge my EOTG (the second time they have failed a 5" roll this game). The mortar finally kills something, itself and the engineer trying to fix it ( lol ). The other unit of 10 Hand gunners kill one of my Salamanders ( I bring it back to life and heal the unit up to full wounds next magic phase). My Slaan in an act of sheer defiance at being woke up kills a Hand gunner with 1 attack and draws the combat and my Krox finally kill all the Swordsmen and reform to face the Hell-Blaster.

Turn 4 and the last turn before Ginge concedes the unluckiest game I have ever witnessed someone have. My Krox charge and kill the Hell-Blaster crew. Magic phase my Slaan casts Shield of Thorns on himself and kills all the Hand gunners (yawn then goes back to sleep). My Salamanders kill some more Spearmen so there is just the Arch Lector, BSB and champion left.

Ginges turn, to try and salvage something he charges the Arch Lector into my Slaan, Strikes him at strength 10, Slaan fails his 4+ ward, Ginges rolls to do d6 wounds. . . . . . 1. Then Mr.Toad passes his Leadership test at -3 and its game over. Win for me by a fair bit.

I have a new love in my life and its Salamanders, I will be getting 3 more for my army. In the second game they earned their points back and more as the first shot the fired at a horde of spearmen kill 30 and in both games they only ate 2 Skinks.

Love em.

Saturday, 4 September 2010


My new favorite unit in Warhammer Fantasy, well at least in my army has to be these guys, so much so that i painted them before I planned to just so my opponent can see them coming on the table the turn before his horde gets burninated.

Sunday, 25 July 2010


This is my first 2 units finished for my Lizardmen army. decided to paint them blue and green/turquiose as I didn't want a boring 1 colour Lizadmen force. My Skinks will also be painted in green and blue for different units to break the army up abit. There is going to be a minor red spot colour on each model as my Skinks will have red crests so I wanted to carry that across to tie my army together.

Chaos Havocs finished

Finished these a little while ago just never got around to photographing them. They are painted up Black Legion after the way my others turned out I really liked the look but as I had brought them metal shoulder pads from the Word Bearers I painted them with that in mind and anelement of red in.

Sunday, 4 July 2010


Been a bit quiet on the gaming front at the moment but am getting some serious painting done on my Lizardmen army starting with my 6 Kroxigors, 3 blue and 3 turquoise/green. Am playing a Spearhead tommorow first one just for fun so will try and write that up as I could do with posting more of my games on here keep the 2 people who read my blog entertained :)

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Lizardmen Battle Report VS Empire

This was my first game with my Skink heavy Lizardmen army, against the Empire of Ginge ( We played 2 games as the first one was a bit of a whitewash and Ginge conceded on turn 5 i think it was we lost track, anyway the armies were 2000 points and consisted of . . . .


Skink Priest on Engine of the Gods with 2 Dispel Scrolls (lore of heavens)
Skink Chief on Ancient Stegadon with the Stegadon Warspear (2d6 impact hits)
Skink Chief with Cloak of Feathers and Sword of Might

4x units of 12 Skink Skirmishers
2x units of 2 Jungle Swarms

2x units of 3 Kroxigors

1x unit or 3 Salamanders

GINGE (i might get some of this a bit wrong)

Karl 'bastard face' Franz on a Griffon with the Uber runefang thing
Hero on Pegasus with Sword that ignores Scaly Skin saves and item to steal magic spells
Green Wizard with item that lets him keep magic dice each turn (lore of beast)
Green Wizard with 2 Dispel Scrolls (lore of beast)

2x units or 20 Swordsmen with 2x 9 man combat detachments each
1x unit of 20 Halberdiers with 2x 9 man combat detachments

2x Great Cannons

Game 1 -

This was pretty much a learning experience for me as never used the army or play tested it either just built it to go. neither of us have played WHFB for a while so was a warm up game as well. Ginge went first having won the roll and dropped Karl Franz and the flying Hero right in front of my lines (he later regretted this as he thought the Pegasus was a large target and it isn't so I could still shoot at Franz) and moved forward the rest of his troops. Magic phase was pretty uneventful, Ginge had some nice offensive spells but I saw them off. He did manage to steal 1 of my spells though leaving my with just Uranons Thunderbolt. Shooting phase and 1 of his cannons misfired and could not shoot this turn and next and the other missed (Ginge is usually really accurate with these but as stated is out of practice).
My Turn and I moved forward what I could, my Salamanders making bee line for the Cannons in the far corner and my flying Skink Chief moved 20" towards them too. Magic phase and I used my Engine to give all units in 12" a 5+ ward save against shooting next turn and cast Uranons Thunderbolt on the Great Cannon that could still shoot but failed to do anything at all. Shooting phase and 2 units of Skinks opened up on Karl Franz and his fat chicken mount and 48 poison shots later the Griffon lay dead and Franz had 1 wound. the Hero on the Pegasus had been charge by 4 swarms and after he was dead and the Pegasus was running yay.

Turn 2 saw Franz now with a 360 LOS charge a unit of Kroxigors, the Pegasus rallies and Ginges army carefully advances across the board. Magic largely uneventful again I dont think a spell was cast that wasnt dispelled. Shooting and Ginges cannon gets a good hit but fails to wound my Engine of the Gods, the Huntsmen Ginge stashed in some trees shot up my skinks killing a few. Combat and no surprise Karl flattened 3 Kroxigors for no damage back, leaving him in the open to be shot again next turn.
My turn and my Engine declares a charge on a detachment which flees leaving it in the open, my swarms are out of range of another detachment so just sit and stare at the grass and my flying Skink Chief charges a cannon crew who stand and take it. magic phase I cast Burning Alignment with the Engine killing a few models from all the enemy units in 10" radius. Uranons Thunderbolt bounces of the Cannon crew again but clearly shakes them as they hit nothing for the rest of the game. Shooting and my Skinks return fire of the Huntsmen killing a couple but needing 8+ to hit them is slowing me down. I try and shoot the Pegasus but it gets away unharmed, my Salamanders kill a few Swordsmen and also eat 2 Skinks just for fun. combat and My Skink Chief (who is now a Salamander Handler for the rest of his limited life) fails to hurt anyone and loses combat by being outnumbered and runs away from the Cannon crew.
Turn 3 and Ginge charges as much as he can into my Engine of the Gods, 20 Swordsmen and 20 Halberdiers each unit with a mage in and 1 detachment of 9 combat guys and moves the rest of his units around for next turn charges. Magic nothing happens as both mages have missile spells but are in combat. Combat phase and to Ginges displeasure he fins out how hard it is to kill a Stegadon and just takes 1 wound of the Priest riding it and loses a few of each unit in return, the Stegadon holds on its Stubborn LD 6 (for 3 turns) ending Ginges turn.
My turn and I charge the Pegasus with some swarms and the Huntsmen with some Skinks, and the Kroxigors get a failed charge as the unit runs lining them up nicely for the cannon to shoot them next turn, and them my Chief rallies in front of a unit or Swordsmen. magic and I burn a lot of stuff to death with my Engine and Thunderbolt does squat against the cannon crew despite being irresistible. Shooting and my Salamanders try and kill the Swordsmen before they kill the Chief, but dont, eat a Skink instead. Combat and my Priest falls off his Engine but again the Stegadon stays in the fight, the swarms kill the Pegasus and overrun nicely behind the Halberdiers.
Turns 4 and onwards as we lost count of how many basically involved more units being chucked into the big combat in the middle with my Engine, and the other units round the outside peppering each other with shots. Ginge finally conceded when my 3 remaining Kroxigors were in position to charge the rear of his Swordsmen which as I had already added to Skink units in both his units flanks would have ended that combat in one swift move.

All in all a great game for my new army although Franz dying early really helped.

The 2nd Game went differently as he didn't die and took out a lot of my stuff including the same unit of Kroxigors. Ginge won my a solid victory as I only had 3 units of Skinks left and 1 was fleeing. My proudest moment was casting Comet of Cassandora only for it to smash apart most of the army on the hill next turn including a cannon and a mage. I need to practice with this army more and I gather in 8th Ed my army gets a boost in the form of better rules for skirmishers, which is nice.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Epic Moments: Mini Tourney 2

I had to write about this as its never ever going to happen.

Chris made up the rules for a 500pts combat patrol tourney. 6 of us entered and he ended up playing (and winning) as someone didn't turn up. Now the gist of it was you had to obey the normal rules for combat patrol FOC with the exception you could take units from ANY 40k army. This made for some interesting possibilities and next time we do it I can see the beards coming out big time. On top of this the missions were massively random, from d3 scattering, exploding objectives a turn to a game where everyone had 18" rage. My EPIC MOMENT occur ed in my last game against club northerner Ginge. He had a unit of Genestealers in an Ork Truck, they plough towards my cleverly concealed in cover Grey Hunters and Wolf Priest in his turn and I sit and wonder why? The start of my turn I realise I had to measure for Rage meaning I had to leave my Tyranid thwarting cover and run into the open. So I think sod it I will charge the Truck and try and Krak Grenade it, needed 6s to hit. I hit it and wreck it and it Kareens back towards its own table edge, smashes into a building, blows up and kills 4 Genestealers. Then the Stealers fail their LD 10 roll and run through the wreck (shortest route) only to lose 2 more of their number to dangerous terrain, dropping them below half strength so they cant even test to rally. Que me laughing insanely for several minutes before Ginge goes Jihad on my army with his Burners and levels half of it. Game ended turn with me winning on kill points, Ginge had a Junker with Deathroller left and I had 1 Grey Hunter with a Power Weapon who had spent 2 turns trying to Bolt Pistol and Krak Grenade this nasty bit of kit to death. All in all a great end to a fun night at

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Warmachine new colour scheme

Well haven't been that active of late been playing a lot of 40k while building my Skink army, which apparently in 8th Ed Warhammer is going to be amazing as skirmishers gain a lot of new rules that are similar to the current light cavalry rules, mwa haha march and shoot, and feint flee. Anyway here is new Warmachine paint scheme i think they look better than in the pics but im slightly bias.

High Paladin Dartan and Paladin of the Order of the Wall

High Exemplar Kreoss (best warcaster EVER!!)

Friday, 7 May 2010

Lukas Worlds Campaign UPDATE #1

Well its been awhile I been a busy bee and I don't have a new PC yet and my GF's laptop is sloooww. Anyway campaigns been going good. I think Ive only lost 1 game out of 7 or 8 cant remember exact number. Ive played Nids loads and got few wins and draws. Ive been playing against my own Chaos army my friend is using and this was the source of one of my losses although post game we realised Terminators cant sweeping advance and doing that gave him 2 KPs but its an error I wont make again, forgetting that is. Ive beaten 2 Guard armies with just 1500pts when 1 had 1700pts and 1 had 1800pts so Im quite pleased with that as my Tau are quite set and I cant change wargear and only just have 2600pts or so. Means I have to win by adjusting tactics and not tailoring to each new threat.

Anyways last game on Monday against Nids again, so far only managed 2 draws against him and then we have a couple of week break to lick our wounds and try a few more things before resuming to its conclusion.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

TOFG Apocalypse Conclusion

This is a bit late coming I just havnt got around to it. The Apocalypse game to bring our Tale of Four Gamers to an end was the best one Ive played so far. The armies, me(chaos) and Ginge(orks) vs Chris(guard) and Ken(tau) were balanced due to using the forces we had built up over 4 months and just adding a datasheet or legendary unit each. Me and Ginge won the game, I won the TOFG overall and in the Apoc game we had 1 of 3 secret missons to get us bonus points and I completed mine, Ginges and the spare one :D. My men of the match were 1 single Lesse Daemon who danced in front of a Baneblade deflecting most of its firepower for 3 turns and the Dreadnought that marched onto the board and destroyed 3 Hydras in 1 combat.
Anyway heres a few pics to show how cool 10k ish of painted armies is.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Lukas Worlds Campaign

This will be a regular but brief post on the campaign Ginge our faithful pet northerner is running. We all start off with 3 planets and challenge people each week to either remove their foothold on our planets or make one on theirs. My first game I challenged Rich ( Tyranids ) to attack one of his planets, the game was a hard fought draw meaning I gained no foothold and his planet is immune to attack nest month. If I play someone with a painted army I will add some pics next time. Next week I am attacking Neils planet, hes using my Chaos while I use my Tau, already invaded by Nids I will have to fight them both off if I want to expand my sphere.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Planned Space Wolves list *2nd Draft*

This is my pretty much almost final list as in I cant think of anything to change so lets see what people think. Long name :P. After seeing what other people take and reading the Space Wolves Chronicles books I'm happy with this list and it suits my style of play, balanced and annoying.

Njal Stormcaller - Terminator Armour +25 = 270

Ulrik the Slayer = 180

Rune Priest - Wolftooth Necklace +10, Chooser +10, Saga of the Beastslayer +10,
Meltabombs +5, Living Lightning, Jaws of the World Wolf = 135

Lone Wolf - Terminator Armour +25, 2x Wolfs Claws +20 = 65

Wolf Guard Pack x5 - 2x Terminator Armour, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield +90
Terminator Armour, 2x Wolfs Claws +30
Terminator Armour, Cyclone Missile Launcher +45
Mark of the Wulfen +15 = 270

Grey Hunter Pack x10 - 2x Flamer +0, Power Weapon +15, Wolf Standard +10 = 175

Grey Hunter Pack x10 - 2x Flamer +0, Power Weapon +15, Wolf Standard +10 = 175

Blood Claws Pack x9 - Power Weapon +15, Lukas the Trickster +140 = 290
Drop Pod = 35

Long Fangs x5 - Missile Launcher x4 +40 = 115
Razorback - Extra Armour +15, Twin Linked Lascannon +35 = 90

Landspeeder - Typhoon Missile Launcher +40, Multi Melta +10 = 100

Landspeeder - Typhoon Missile Launcher +40, Multi Melta +10 = 100

Total = 2000

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Space Wolves

Now its not in my nature to gush over a kit but I do love this new Space Wolves plastic box set (that my GF bought me for X-mas). This is the start of my army which I will be building up over the next year or so. As an avid fan of Dark Angels this is an unusual choice for me and although Dark Angels will always be my first love I have a desire to be wolf like. I love wolves and even have a yin yang tattoo with wolves paws as the dots (not panda paws as some of my friends like to claim). Anywho as I'm doing this in between doing my Lizardmen army I thought would be good way to start showcasing how I paint stuff in steps. Also I'm going to try and stick to the fluff as much as possible. This will come out in my army as much as I can make it, for instance my guys carrying the Wolf Standards are more ornate than the guys carrying Power Weapons as its a higher honour. I wont have any Rhinos as Wolves like to cover the last bit on foot and just use them to get to the battle. If they ever do Fenrisian Wolves I will be loading up on them too. I will be using a darker grey and using some other guides online, ( is a great one to follow if you like this army ) with my own personal touches. Enjoy and my finalized 2000 points list will be posted soon as I find where I put it.