Wednesday, 30 December 2009

TOFG Month 2 Chaos Marines

Month 2 done. 10 Chaos Marines of the Black Legion persuasion. Champion with power weapon and plasma pistol, 2 plasma guns and an undecided mark, can change depending on needs for the army and who im playing, +1 intitiative not exactly needed against guard for instance so maybe an extra attack or inv save. Am quite pleased with these only took me 5 days few hours each day to paint. luckily started before xmas get a head start.


  1. These guys look pretty cool. My favourite scheme of your Chaos troops are the Thousand Sons though. I wouldn't mind doing a small pre-Heresy force of them actually.

  2. Yeah I love them they just a bastard to paint but I really like the Black Legion guys. The hawk turquoise works rly well against the black n gold