Sunday, 20 December 2009

The Chronicles of Bel-Tzaxx. Part 1

This planet smells like Death. . . . .

Bel-Tzaxx is summoned, the artifacts will be ours, this planet will fall. As news of the spoils travel more Chaos will arrive and my warband will grow.

As they watched from the ridge the Orks and Imperials took a heavy toll on each other. Cyclor, champion of the Word Bearer Chosen returned with news of Ork reinforcements coming in from the East. They would pass through the camp, this could not be allowed. No-one could know they were here yet. The warband boarded its Rhinos and sped off to meet them head on, the only way you could fight Orks, things didn't go well. Clearly fueled by the desire to destroy the Orks were baying for blood, they didn't care whose. The Chosen made a flanking maneuver in an effort to catch them in a crossfire but were delayed when a ruin fell in front of their Rhino forcing them to take a longer route. As the battle was joined Bel-Tzaxx's over eagerness to end this fast left him ahead of the main force, he was charged by many orks, literally thrown from their speeding, smoking wreck of a Truck. The combat was fast and bloody but the Orks were too many and he slipped back into the warp, cursing his lack of control. The Orks showing a surprising display of accuracy cut down many Marines with their heavy weapons, Orks with heavy weapons, the universe has truly gone made. The ensuing combats were swift and bloody and the Marines broke before the onslaught, live to fight another day. Just as the last Marines died or left the battlefield, Cyclor and his Chosen arrived. Rage overtook them, at the loss and the cowardice of his allies. Trying do what the other could not he ordered the Rhino to open up on the furthest squad of Orks while his men loaded Bolters and cut down many greenskins. Despite the damage done their late arival has seen this battle lost, they embarked on the Rhino and left to find the tattered remnants of the warband.

Bel-Tzaxx (Daemonprince of Tzeentch) - Lost (the summoning begins, again)
Cyclor (Word Bearers) - Survived (seriously pissed off)
Tzeruuz (The Scourged) - Wounded (Tzeentch has need of him yet)
Ablest (Black Legion) - Executed by Cyclor (replaced my Mortaan, for now)

We have had news of more Orks arriving in crude hulks and swarms of ships, the Imperials will summon help to deal with this, we will keep our presence hidden from them for now. Tau? What purpose could they have so far from their own kind?

+++As my warband awaits reinforcements let those who step foot on this planet be warned, Chaos will not relent, I will not relent, all shall die, there is only war. . . . . . .+++

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