Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Planned Space Wolves list *first draft*

Just because Im bored and off work I thought Id make a list for my future Space Wolves project, first 2000pts.

HQ - 270* Njal Stormcaller - Terminator Armour
180* Ulrik the Slayer -
135* Rune Priest - Plasma Pistol, Wolftooth Necklace, Saga of the Beastslayer,

Elites - 237* Wolf Guard - 4x Terminator Armour, 2x Thunder Hammer, 2x Stormshield, 2x Wolf Claws, Cyclone Missile Launcher
65* Lone Wolf - Terminator Armour, 2x Wolf Claws

Troops - 180* 10 Grey Hunters - 2x Melta Gun, Power Weapon, Wolf Standard
175* 10 Grey Hunters - 2x Flamer, Power Weapon, Wolf Standard
325* 9 Blood CLaws - Power Wepon, Lukas the Trickster, Drop Pod (inc Ulrik)

Fast Attack - 125* 5 Skyclaws - Melta Gun, Powerfist
70* Landspeeder - Heavy Flamer, Multi-melta

Heavy Support - 115* Predator - Twinlink Lascannon, Hunterkiller Missile
115* Predator - Twinlink Lascannon, Hunterkiller Missile

TOTAL 1992

Right, plan is Njal and the 2 Thunder Hammers will form up and draw alot of fire while his storm causes no end of problems for my oppo. The cyclone will go with the 2x melta Grey hunters to tank and big thing hunt, 4x str 8 shots 2 at AP1 cant beat that. The Claw Terminator will go with the flamer squad and infantry hunt, they can pack a punch is shooting and combat. the bloodclaws with ulrik and lukas drop in on first turn where they can deal with infantry, hq or anything big or nurgle like. the rune priest i can put him with any squad i fell needs an extra pair of hands, i havnt decided on which powers to give him yet, world wolf def but cant decide on 2nd power yet, theres alot of good ones and some only good if you know your up against a jetbike, deepstrike heavy army and 1 thats great for slowing down inf unless they have fleet or move through cover. my skyclaws and speeder are there do A distract and B destroy anything thats flanking or poses a objective taking threat, in KP missions i may be more cautious with these units as thier easy kills. i decided on 2 preds with 1 lascannon each over 1 with 3 as with the new LOS rules is hard to get all 3 lascannons to bear on 1 target and also means enemy has to split thier fire, and so can i.

so there we go what do you think? id like some feedback from current Space Wolf players as this will be my first drop into them, ive done marines before but I tend to favour ranged combat this will be my first melee heavy(apart from my chaos) list


  1. Am I counting that right? FOUR named characters? Plus a Rune Priest?

    It'll be interesting facing off against you as you make this army though!

  2. That Adam guy on the Space Wolves blog has done a painting tutorial here:

    I think he's painted it to the level that you'd like your guys to be.

  3. no just Njal and Ulrik and lukas the wolfguard are named but i named them and lukas isnt really a char hes a sickass upgrade for 170 points. i already got colour scheme of guy from white dwarf was the exact i was going for. darker than the norm but not too dark, i wont be doing as much battle damage as him though ruins em a bit

  4. Sounds good, that lukas guy is going to be a pain in the arse, although with my tau, I'd expect to die in conbat anyway

  5. With Tau the biggest threat would be Njal storm, it can mess up skimmers so your doing dangerous terrain rols even in the open and applies to jump packs, jet packs, jet bikes and can reduce your BS by 1 if your in 24"