Sunday, 20 December 2009

The Chronicles of Bel-Tzaxx Part 2

The planet is burning, the search continues. . . . .

The Warband is refreshed and now we have the Imperials in our sight, they have something we want.

Under the cover of darkness the Warband made is preparations. The Imperial knew we were coming, there gun line looked intimidating, lucky for us they couldn't see past their noses in the blackness, its a good omen when the stars remain hidden and the moon is covered. Tzeentch must be watching. Bel-Tzaxx had returned and was eager to show Tzeentch he could fulfil his part, he wouldn't be given another chance. As the dawn began to break the order was given to engange, Cyclor took his unit down the NE flank eager to get to grips with the many heavy weapons on display. The mighty wings of the Daemonprince gave flight to his powerful form as he took off down the SW flank, his shadowy form attracting some attention from the Guardsmen. Bolter fire lit up the cover being used by the Marines, Mortaan and Tzeruuz leading their squads right up the middle. They had to be fast before the sun rose and they lost the advantage of their enhanced vision. after taking some fire Bel-Tzaxx smashed in to the Guard lines his power an unstoppable force in the face of the soft humans. The marines in the cover advanced laying down flamer and Bolter fire on the Guard who quickly began to crumble under the relentless advance, only Mortaans unit remained held their ground, the part of the battlefield they held was a tactical strong point they could not lose. Jet engines screamed overhead and before Mortaan could issue and odder a unit of well equipped humans dropped in behind them from a bulky formed flying transport. An earth shattering explosion threw him off his feet and a demo charge exploded nearby, melta blasts tore into the unit, two marines didn't get up but those who did charged the humans, clearly stunned there were any marines left. They marines made quick work of killing them, Mortaan accounting for three with his power weapon, the Gods would be pleased. As Cyclor arrived the battle was teetering on a knife edge, the marines had taken a beating from the heavy weapons but the Guard were dwindling and there commander had fled the battlefield from Bel-traxx's ferocious charge. The arrival of the Chosen was enough to tip the balance and the job of mopping up was beginning, none could survive, damn the escape of the commander now the Imperials would know Chaos was here. In a "feigned" retreat Mortaan shot down the flying machine, showing he was the right choice for champion and Bel-tzaxx smashed into the remaining part crushing the crew in their seats. After salvaging what they could the Warband returned to camp, enraged the Imperials didnt have the item they were after.

Bel-tzaxx - Survived (Proved his worth to his patron God and has many skulls to polish)
Cyclor - Survived (Has received a blessing from Khorne, this troubles him)
Tzeruus - Wounded (Injured again but his body grows and heals anew)
Mortaan - Survived (After his "brave" move was given first choice on spoils)

Our search has yet to yield the artifacts but the power of chaos grows. The Imperials have taken a beating and fall back to lick thier wounds, the Orks spread as only Orks can. As of the Tau, we have seen glimpses of green armoured skimmers but have yet to witness a full force, there plans in this area are still unkown.

+++Reinforcements arrive in vaster numbers, I hear the unmistakable sound of Possessed engines of war, and something else, that smell, rank, decaying. My plans are coming into focus, Tzeentch has shown me the way.+++


  1. You have joined us in the story line! Should be pretty cool once ToFG's is finished. I might collate all the stories into one tome at the end for posterity (no Rich, that doesn't mean bums).

  2. chris: a man of many words :-P

    its cool that everyone is getting a bit of background for their armies though. I think its great that this is a lot driven by fluff. actually starting to feel attached to my tau.

  3. As you've probably realised he left the comment box with black writing haha :P

    I do feel really attached to my Guard as well. My other armies I've sold either out of boredom with the race, or necessity. I'm not sure I could part with my new Guard so readily now.

  4. Good to see Rich joining in the storyline, and some quite good work too. I have to admit Rich you are the one I least expected to join in with the creative writing, it wasn't a mandatory part of the project, but it's fun nonetheless.

    Also I like the new blog layout, but do something about the comment box :oP

    Oh, and "and something else, that smell, rank, decaying" I guess Rich is going to be bringing his arse to ToFG month 3 then? :oP

  5. cant change comment text colour apparetnly. why did u think i wouldnt do background? id be on more but my pc is broke so only post when got new pics

  6. Well I have white writing on a black background... can't remember how the hell I did it but it must be possible :oP

    I dunno perhaps I've misjudged you but you never struck me as the creative writing type, thought you were into the painting at most...

  7. I cant change it on mine each template has diff things you can change. ive done alot of creative writing im actually thinking of publishing one on a website called its 250 word short story but havnt writen it up yet its in ma head.

  8. Sorry didn't spot this comment until re-reading your background stuff...

    Sounds like a decent idea, I could never limit myself to a word count though, sometimes I do short and sweet and sometimes I blather on for ages as inspiration carries me... ok, sometimes it carries me over a waterfall, but that's usually funny for those that get to see it...

    Let me know if you want your stuff proof reading, your typing isn't the best (hell, mine isn't fantastic, but that's cos I don't proof read my own stuff... the minute i post it i read it and cringe as i spot my mistakes :oP I just usually can't be arsed to go back and correct them :oP)