Sunday, 22 November 2009

TOFG Month 1 Chaos Chosen

Month 1 Chosen complete
Slightly better pics this time due to better lighting
Aspiring Champion with Power Fist. All of them have
the chainmail on the front and the metal Word Bearer
shoulder pads, which have crap amount of detail on,
was really hard to decide how to do them so did them bright
orange with brown wash. Was only way to see detail on them. Tried to make them all look diff due to having same
bodies and shoulders so added few bits like horns, books,
mix of old and new backpacks and a metal one from 1000
Sons Sorcerer for the Champ. The banner is from the Chaos
Knights sprue and is just dark as these guys will have diff marks
from game to game depending on my needs.
Im quite pleased with the power weapons and fist
colour. its not quite as garish as I normally do but
I think is still effective.

I put 2 of these shields on and they both came out really
nice. All have mix of maruder shields but these my fave.


  1. I like the set-up for your chosen. What mark are they going to be?

    Add me to your blog list you homo :P

  2. Dude that third pic is awesome. Your fireplace shelf thing makes it look they're on a wet beach and the edge is the sea lapping at the shore.

    All it needs is track marks behind the tank to complete the effect :oP

  3. Certainly looks a lot clearer with better photos. The power fist looks quite neat. like the dry brushing effect.

    Along with your demon prince (is his lower half done? :-P) a good months painting. Now onto the next.