Monday, 3 December 2018

Few more bits I've managed to finish

The new Abaddon.
I did have quite a good start to the year but got a bit bogged down with real life and other issues. I've taken a back seat from gaming for a while to focus on these things but I am trying to get some painting done along the way.
New vs Old.

The first of my 2 Knights named Spectre.
Loyal to Abaddon and only Abaddon.
His ass.

Lascannon Havoc Squad dedicated to Slaanesh.

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Painted some Shadespire.

Finally got around to painting up some Shadespire stuff.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Hobby sigh....and Blood Bowl

In a bit of a hobby slump with painting and building but I have been playing a fair bit which is nice. Currently doing a Blood Bowl league with my new Elf team so I thought I would just upload some pictures of the team I used last season and the last thing I finished painting at the end of last year. I am currently painting the Elves, some Primaris and more Chaos but I am doing bite size chunks for now so as not to put myself off again.

Anyway these are my Chaos Allstars. I made them from some AoS Khorne models, minus most of the weapons. I just have the Minotaur to paint but he's an old metal BB model so I'll get around to him eventually.

Monday, 1 January 2018

End of the year 2017.

It could have been worse but it wasn't great. A few good things happened. I have a new girlfriend (my best friends sister) and my three boys survived, barely. Work is still a stress and I flooded my work cars engine going through a ford with a student, stupidly designed Minis. Looking to move house soon and may possibly be planning a new addition to the family.....

From a hobby perspective though it's been a crazy year.

Firstly (not chronologically) Spartan Games went under and one of my favorite games looked like it was down the pan. But good news everybody, someone has taken up the mantle and looks to be pumping a lot of energy in to keeping it true to the original and expanding the range and game starting with a fresh 3rd Edition rule book right off the bat. Even if I don't like the new rules I can use the models to play 2.5, win win.

I've bowed out of X-wing as I wasn't playing it much and when I did I wasn't enjoying it a great deal.

Games Workshop have been churning out new content like they are high or something. Loads of new board games and a new edition for 40k. New specialist games, I've just started building my Necromunda gangs.
I have been building and painting Primaris Marines for my son. He's only 6 but has shown he can grasp the basics and is good with maths so it's a good development for him to be in to something that's been a big part of my life for over 20 years.
I've painted more this year than I have for a long time and I should be cranking out a lot more next in 2018 too.

I've acquired a lot of board games too in recent months and my girlfriend is quite good at most of them. It's something else my boys are playing more too as competition and knowing how to win and lose is important, might as well start young.

The TOFG has been postponed but I am still hoping to get my Death Guard built and painted in the next 6 months to allow starting a different 40k project. Will probably be Thousand Sons if they are out by then, if not a surge in Daemons.

Hope 2018 is kinder to us all than last year.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Return of the Tale of Four Gamers.

This time around sees a return of the original 4 gamers. I will be doing Death Guard as allies to my Black Legion so I have a different colour to paint.

I am building it around the 4th Plague Company led by the Daemon Prince known as The Eater of Lives, I think he may be linked to a character from the HH novels. They have a preference for Sorcerers and summoning which fits nicely in to my play style and makes them unique among their brethren as its well known that Mortarion despises psykers (despite being one now). My colour scheme will be based on the Apostles of Contagion as it seems quite simple. Its a rusted steel main colour with a muted green trim which leaves plenty of room for some dirt and grime. The models bases will be done to match my existing Chaos so they are all unified. I have quite a few Nurgle Daemons already painted so this will give me options for summoning at a later date.

This is my planned list. The points are not exactly 500 per block but with the new pointing system and my budget its going to have to do. I am still doing 2000pts but this is the closest I can get to even blocks.

1st month - 526pts

Daemon Prince: 183pts
The Eater of Lives -
Wargear - Wings, Helforged Sword and Warp Bolter.
Warlord Trait - Revoltingly Resilient: Add +1 to any Disgustingly Resilient rolls as long as it is not from a Mortal Wound.
Relic of Decay - The Suppurating Plate: Gives a save of 2+. In addition any successful saves made in the Fight Phase are rebounded to the unit that inflicted the wound as a mortal wound on a 4+.
Psychic Powers - Smite, Miasma of Pestilence and Plague Wind.

Rhino: 92pts
The Slug Runner armed with a Havoc Launcher and Combi-Flamer.

10 Plague Marines - The Slugs of Entropy: 252pts
Champion: The Slugmaster armed with a Powerfist, Bolt Pistol and Plaguesword.
Plague Marines: 9 Bubotic Axes, 2 Maces of Contagion and a Icon of Despair.
Mounted in the Slug Runner.

2nd Month - 512pts

7 Plague Marines - The Laughing Maggots: 180pts
Champion: The Puswielder armed with a Power Fist, Plasma Gun and Plague Knife.
Plague Marines: 2 Plasma Guns and an Icon of Despair.

7 Plague Marines - The Putrid Sons: 174pts
Champion: Rotworm the Mad armed with a Power Fist, Plasma Gun and Plague Knife.
Plague Marines: 2 Blight Launchers and an Icon of Despair.

Foetid Bloat Drone - 158
The Poisoned Fly armed with 2 Plaguespitters and a Plague Probe.

3rd Month - 536

Malignant Plaguecaster - 110pts
The Rotten Monk armed with a Corrupted Staff and Bolt Pistol.
Psychic Powers - Dependent on the opponent.

Malignant Plaguecaster - 110pts
The Pustulant Prince armed with a Corrupted Staff and Bolt Pistol.
Psychic Powers - Dependent on the opponent.

Foetid Bloat Drone - 158pts
Droning Death armed with 2 Plaguespitters and a Plague Probe.

Foetid Bloat Drone - 158pts
Wings of Decay armed with 2 Plaguespitters and a Plague Probe.

4th Month - 426pts 

Myphtic Blight-Haulers - 426pts
The Contagious Crawlers all armed with a Bilespurt, Missile Launcher and Multi-Melta.

Total: 2000

Depending on how strict the organiser is I may have to paint an additional model to top up the last months but the Chapter Approved update really screwed my main plans. But it still totals 2000.

Once complete the Daemon Prince and the Bloat Drones will form an Outrider Detachment and the rest will form a Battalion Detachment giving me a total of 7 Command Points. I don't mind my Warlord being on the front line as he should, in theory be a pain in the ass to kill with his wargear and the Death Guard natural resilience.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Review: Heavy Support - Forgefiends and Maulerfiends

Humble Forgefiend
The whole pack
The painted ones
Mauler pack as yet to be painted
The brave conversion
I love Daemon engines (can you tell). They have always been a little hit and miss though (literally). Mostly due to their poor WS and BS which hasn't changed through the editions, well unless you count the Lord of Skulls which had a huge buff and points drop. The biggest issue with the "Fiends" is hitting and that's still there. With a 4+ to hit and that degrading with wounds they can be pretty mediocre if the dice are not on your side. There is a strategem that allows you to reroll to hit and to wound rolls on one model in either shooting and combat but that's a strat points investment on the only codex army with no way to get them back so far. They heal a wound a turn which is nice when it takes you back over the threshold for stats change and the 5+ invulnerable save is a great for survival if you can avoid mortal wound dealers.

The Forgefiends I use all have 3 Ectoplasma Cannons which were pretty awesome at S8, small blast and AP2. Now they are pretty meh with S7, d3 shots and d3 damage, with no overcharge. It doesn't seem to fit that they have no overcharge risk vs reward option like most other plasma based weapons. I'd take the mortal wounds for the chance to buff output damage and strength. But GW clearly had other plans. For their price tag I think they are more there for rule of cool over actual awesomeness (I have had some stomping games but they are few and far between).

The Maulerfiends have so much damage potential but again suffer from the 4+ to hit big time. The Magma Cutters being effectively Melta Pistols is a nice touch if you can lock a big thing in combat. The Lasher Tendrils make mincemeat of most infantry too if you roll well for the number of attacks they get. I feel they could be a tad faster or have rules for scaling ruins and such as per their main purpose of siege crawling. Otherwise though I think I have had a bit more luck with these guys and they are a big threat when backing up Rhino based melee units.

Overall I like them still. I just hope the living rulebook nature of 40k now sees them buffed a little in the future or sees a points drop to make them a more viable option over a Helbrute or Heldrake.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Review: Transport - Chaos Rhino

The humble Rhino.....Once known as the "first blood", the "death box" the "why the fuck are you using a Rhino??".

Not anymore. I love the new rules for vehicles and for transports especially. They may have doubled in points but they are also quite often one of the last models I have left on the board, a major pain in the ass for the enemy and a great L.O.S blocker in an edition where that makes a huge difference.

They are way more durable than they were before and quite nippy too. The ability to advance and still pop smokes is great for a first turn objective rush and they are more than capable of delivering their cargo where it is needed without some concentrated effort from the enemy. I would highly recommend them again for combat Chosen or Marines. They are obviously helpful for redeploying your firebase too.

I run mine at 72pts with just a combi bolter as they have a job to do and investing in more expensive weapons seems a waste. They are still a prime target but by no means are they durable enough to operate as a main battle tank, even with full load out.

I currently only 2 but as my Legion grows I will be adding one to every unit that needs it, or maybe just every Marine and Chosen unit.